Help! Akismet is catching a regular comment as spam!

Don’t worry, if you see a regular comment on your Akismet page, just click the “Not Spam” checkbox and submit and the comment will be sent back to Akismet as a mistake. The system will learn from your submission, though it may take a day or so in some cases. False positives, as they’re called, are extremely rare and we watch them closely.

This is a lie – Suburban Mum – I have ticked about 4 of your comments as ‘not spam’ and sent it but the stupid thing won’t learn! I even found a comment I’d written in the spam bin too, that’s taking the fricken biscuit.

If I didn’t receive about 70 spam comments per day for Viagra and Doxycyline I’d take the bugger off so that reader comments didn’t get trapped. So, unfortunately I’m going to ask anyone who finds their words in Askimet hell to persevere and know that I will de-spam you as soon as I log in.

In the meantime Suburban – try not using the C**t word so much and it might let you save the comment.



  1. Bollocks.

  2. foxsden said

    Arse wank tit

  3. foxsden said

    viagra doxycycline

  4. foxsden said


  5. Fuckwits let that one through though didn’t they, eh, the wankers.

  6. Hey I’m quite enjoying this.

  7. foxsden said

    LOL… can’t get spammed for trying now! Well there’s your key – just use plenty of profanities when you’re leaving me a message. Figures I’d have a comment box that prefers foul language!

  8. Or even fowl language.

    “This post has sex with chickens!” as somebody recently wrote on Nutty Mummy’s blog.

  9. I know!! What was that about?!?

  10. foxsden said

    What?! really? LOL.. random

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