Gimmie Some Comments And Get Some Of Your Own (perhaps?)

Update: Ignore the following post. It won’t work unless I’m hosting WordPress myself apparently. Got to LUV small print.

Following Suburban Mum’s lead I’ve enabled Comment Luv in my comments. Hopefully if I’ve done it correctly when you leave a comment it should attach a link to your last post. A little bit of advertising to bring traffic to your site. Not that I get heards of traffic but I do like the way it links us all together. I’ve come across some good blogs by following peoples comments from Suburban Mums site now hopefully you can do the same.



  1. foxsden said

    Do I get a link on my own comment?

  2. foxsden said

    Or is it broken?

  3. Wes said

    Well this looks like a great idea if it works properly.

  4. mrs hojo said

    I don’t see it on the site yet

  5. commentluv is not available on blogs. only on wordpress self hosted, wordpress MU, typepad, blogger, haloscan, drupal, dotclear, js-kit and movable type. doesn’t allow you to install any kind of javascript to your site.

    sorry you can’t spread the luv!

  6. Wes said

    Ok, I have enabled on my site. Show some luv 🙂

  7. this is a good way – I’ve found some great blogs this way too – definitely encourages some inventive title manufacturing too! 🙂

  8. need to wise up and include it in their service!

  9. Damn. Akismet must be watching.

  10. Lindy said

    damn, it was a great idea. thanks for thinking of us.

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