Head Conkers

Conkers are the stuff British Childhood used to be made of. Using the fallen nuts of Horse Chestnut trees or ‘conker trees’ we’d thread one onto a piece of string about a foot long and then, with your friend armed with his/her threaded conker you’d take turns. One of you would hold your conker at arms length dangling on the string whilst the other took a turn to smash it with his/her conker. You only took one hit whether you actually hit it or not and then it was the other persons turn. The loser was the person whose conker smashed first.

This evening Wil found a spare pulley for one of our ceiling fans laying in a box and with nothing better to do, started using Camerons head as a rival conker.

As previously seen in such stupidity as The Push Up Challenge, Wil Skipping and The Dry Cracker Challenge here’s Wil being a prat, Cameron taking the brunt of some sort of torture and me laughing and snorting my way through it all.



  1. Such a responsible parent 🙂 That’s hilarious and I might have to try it. My favourite is still Wil skipping though.

  2. mrs hojo said

    hello, childline????? and yes, the skipping was huge fun too

  3. Foxsden said

    I know… you can clearly see that Cam is in great distress from the ordeal.

    The skipping was comedy gold… He often does ridiculous things but by the time I get the camera he’s all ‘you’re not getting that for your blog’

  4. Wes said

    I honestly do not know where he gets it from. I was waiting for a wooden spoon to emerge from behind Wil to have a good whack.

  5. Foxsden said

    Well you got a fork coming up from the front instead!

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