Revenge – A Dish Best Served After 4 Months

air_freshenerRemember this post ? More to the point, remember the bloke who made that horrid jokey comment about my wart remover and appearing to thieve ‘Katie Price’ brand underwear from Asda? Read on…

I popped into Asda today after work to pick up a loaf of bread. I did that annoying thing of walking in with intentions of ONLY needing a loaf of bread but finding myself walking out with a tub of prawn coleslaw, a bag of Quinoa, 2 boxes of mushrooms, some Parmesan cheese and a packet of fresh parsley…. as you do. Considering my intentional purchase of nothing other than a loaf of bread I didn’t get a trolley or a basket and instead did a balancing act all the way to the till to check out, dumping my arm full of food items on to the belt like it was a pile of dirty laundry.

And that’s when I saw him standing there in line ahead of me wearing a long black coat in which his hands remained buried in his pockets. It was clear we recognised each other by the double take. It was clear that he was suddenly uncomfortable by my arrival in the same queue. And that’s when I glanced down at his purchase neatly compartmentalised on the conveyor with two bright green Asda dividers separating his purchase from the people on either side of him.

I smiled as I leaned forward to grab a divider to place behind my food items. And it was all I had to do to get even. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 4 months, 6 months or 6 years waiting for what went around to come back around it’s going to be equally as shit when the girl you cracked a joke at about buying wart remover finds you at the check out with SIX CANS OF AIR FRESHENER.

How hard was it not to make a pun about ‘clearing the air’?




  1. grocerjack said

    Hiya, just catching up on some blog reading on…….ahem…a slow day. After his comments I would have only too happily piped up with a clearing the air comment had I been you. Of course it can only be done with a nonchalant walk past with no glancing back.

    Something like “The IBS hasn’t got any better then?” or “Thought about unblocking the toilet perhaps?”

    I think you were too kind.

  2. I agree! I came to say that I would have said (quite loudly) you haven’t managed to get rid of that horrendous diarrhoea yet then? 🙂

  3. Foxsden said

    I know.. it was one of those moments where I thought well… I could make the comment and look like an arsehole infront of everyone stood around or I could give it the all knowing smirk and he knew exactly what I was thinking. In local government we call it a ‘win win’

  4. *snicker* I wish I had that resolve!

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