Today I Are Mostly…..Doing Sod All

picture-1Wil and I took a flexi day off work today.


Got dressed late.

Sat in the living room drinking coffee, chatting and watching the trees blow about in the garden.

Hung a door on our bedroom. A job that’s waited over a year to be done.

Fixed the thermostat for the underfloor heating in the lobby.

Sat and ate homemade American pancakes and maple syrup.

Played on the Xbox and the Wii.

And tried like hell to get past level 19 on ‘Splitter’. Give it a try and see if you get as addicted as I have been all afternoon! (click the pic)



  1. Lindy said

    Wow, very productive day you two!!! Can I borrow you guys for a while? I had to stay home last thursday due to losing my brakes & wound up under the house in the mud at 36 degrees fixing the heat tape that I can’t get my husband to do!

  2. Little brother said

    One very quick slice is all that’s needed (thanks for making me waste an hour…)

  3. Foxsden said

    Lindy… at least you’ll know it’s done properly!

    I thought that’s how to solve that level Sam – cut the blocks top right corner off to lighten it enough to make the other end of the seesaw heavy. But the bit I’d cut off came off so slowly that the seesaw still tipped the wrong way! Must need to be quicker.

  4. god – addicted.

  5. Foxsden said

    “right.. I’ll just do THIS level and then get on with something else”

    Sound familiar Nutty?

  6. Allison said

    I’ve never heard of ‘Splitter’, but he (if Splitter is the yellow circle and is a ‘he’) looks just like Pac-Man!

  7. Foxsden said

    I thought that too Allison but he definately doesn’t act like Pacman.

    *ahh Pacman… those were the days*

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