Sex And The City

334_td_iii_buythisbook_placardI don’t watch TV much. I say that, what I really mean is that I’m not one to walk into a room and just turn it on to stare at or have yabbering in the background. I turn the TV on when I know there is something I want to watch and on rare occasions I might scan around after what I wanted to watch has finished to find something else. Generally if I have time to sit down then I’d rather have my laptop out.

I was however, an avid follower of Sex And The City and I was left with that little void that screamed ‘Crap, what are we going to do on Wednesday nights now?” when it finished. Like everyone else I was interested to hear they’d made a movie. Interested yet reserved because movies like this can be very hit or miss.

Sky Box Office finally put the movie on the other night and I recorded it to watch later. Later came on Sunday covering the spot that TOP GEAR lives in around mid evening – I know! How did I get away with that one?!

There was a lot of moaning from the men of the household but one was due to go to bed shortly and the other had just dragged me out into a freezing cold night to drive all the way into town while he met a bloke to sell his motorbike to – BUT WE WON’T GO THERE. We’ll just be comfortable in the fact that the ‘certain someone’ didn’t have much recall when I barked ‘WELL I COULDN’T WATCH IT EARLIER COULD I?’ And like magic Top Gear was silently shelved.

I was disappointed with the movie. I’m not going to burst into a full review here because most people have already seen it. Sex And The City (the series) was witty, clever and well thought out. It had lines you didn’t see coming and the characters were perfectly placed. Every episode left you looking forward to the next. All I can say about the movie is it’s a shame that it met Hollywood and all of it’s chintzy fluffiness and over done money oriented marketing hype. There is not a second in this movie that you’re not getting a VERY obvious sales pitch for something like Mercedes, Louis Vuitton and Apple. There are brand names shoved at you from every angle and not in the way they usually place them, just off to the side of the angle or fleeting past subtly, subconsciously. No, these are pushed in your face like someone in town handing out flyers for a big club night. There are parts of the storyline that appear to have been written JUST so they could incorporate a brand name such as when Carrie gives her assistant a Louis Vuitton Handbag in a box with the designers name in 84256pt size font plastered across the front.  On many occasions Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the cast only just stop short of turning to face the lens of the camera to quote a preset advertising blurb from an autocue, punctuated by their front tooth ‘pinging’ with a little sparkle.

It was crap.

Unless you want to watch more than 2 hours of in your face product push accompanied by a whiney SJP (whose makeup artist must have had some sort of vendetta against her to paint her face that pale and line the insides of her tiny eyes with eyeliner to make them look like two souless bottomless black dots just below her forehead) who flits from predicatable scene to predictable storyline in more outfit changes than Madonna on stage. Then you’d have loved it.

Otherwise it was definately crap.



  1. Wes said

    So are you saying it was crap? I mean, I noticed that you said, “crap” a few times but just wasn’t sure if you really meant it was crap or maybe just a little bit of crap. Just noticing that the word “crap” was thrown a few times that’s all.

  2. foxsden said

    No.. I just think you see what you want to see. I really liked it.

  3. Wes said

    Well that was a crap response 🙂

  4. Foxsden said

    For a crap subject

  5. Lindy said

    Looks like a whole lot of ‘crapping’ going on. I didn’t like the movie either. I just recently saw ‘Wanted’ though. It was uncrap.

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