A Pain In The Arse

I went running on Sunday – 5 miles xc training with the club. The course is via fields and woodland in the grounds of a stately home and although it is largely flat there are small technical sections that you descend into (read, ‘nearly skid on your arse into) and then nearly have to pull yourself out of by grabbing roots and shrubs. Ok, it’s not quite that bad but there are sections that demand a huge amount of leg strength for both descent and ascent. It was on the 2nd lap of one of these technical sections that a frequent niggling but mild stabby pain I’ve been experiencing in the bottom of my right arse cheek suddenly became a large stabby pain  shooting down the back of my right leg shouting for acknowledgement. The pain worsened on the uphill and so I gave the 3rd lap a miss, instead jogging off with one of the coaches who suggested I might have a hamstring pull at the point where the hamstring joins near the glute. This had been a minor pain for a few months but nothing that bothered me on runs of 5 miles or less.

I took it easy around the rest of the course and by the time I got to the end another old achey muscle was screaming out for attention too. My hip flexor (one of the muscles you use to lift your knee like if you march) became very painful. Now both front and back of my right leg is sore. I’ve got to go and see the physio because now, over the past week my knee has started hurting again too.  Here’s looking forward to the next 2 months of races being cancelled, replaced by rest and followed by strengthening exercises – DOUBLE YAWN.

Sorry – I wish I had a much more humorous arse injury story for you Vic..in fact if we’re really truthful it’s not even my arse that’s injured.

I bet you’re glad you arsed…..


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  1. Vic said

    Quite frankly your extreme knowledge of human arse/leg anatomy is disgusting. Please come and join the blonde over here where I claim and indeed do know nothing about anything remotely technical.
    (Yeah, what I really meant to write was I didn’t understand anything other than that you’re hurt – hope it fixes up soon.

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