To shy to even look up the angels dresses

To shy to even look up the angels dresses

This week held Cam’s school Christmas play. In politically correct style since we don’t want to piss off all the rest of the religions the school did their own production of Christmas Across The World, this way they managed to shoe horn in a snippet of the traditional nativity scene. In the big scheme of things Cameron was a hula girl and a Mexican. This is was to be his last Christmas play at Primary school since this time next year he will be at High School. The primary school has a host of new little ones that joined the reception class this year in September and some of them were painfully shy on the stage. One little boy must have refused to dress up as he appeared in school uniform for the afternoon show, melted into a little puddle of embarrassment on the stage and then squeezed his way behind some other kids in order to wedge his face in between the stage and the backdrop where he remained after everyone had left the stage. The small pair of legs visible on the stage was promptly collected by a teacher and carried off stage. These are the things school plays are made of. I just find it sad that no longer will we get to laugh when little Tommy walks onto the stage dragging baby Jesus by his leg and then drops him onto his head in the manger.

It’s going to be a quiet affair here at Foxsden for Christmas – just me and Wil since this morning we packed the larey blonde off to see his dad in the states for 2 weeks. Some people don’t actually cope very well with the concept of wishing to have a quiet Christmas. It’s not that we don’t enjoy it, quite the opposite really it’s just that we’re happy enough to do the whole build up and massively disappointing aftermath on our own without a flurry of noise, overeating of food and upheaval of tons of family coming and going. I for one will be glad not to have to bust my arse in the kitchen all day. I’ll be quite happy to open a present, eat some breakfast and then go out and do some gardening if the weather is nice! I think our neighbours thought we were Jehova’s when we did just that two Christmasses ago. I’m returning to work for a few days the following week – something my Mother in Law recoiled in horror at! Little Willy, left on his own at home AT CHRISTMAS? Oh dear – I’m sure he’ll be forced to spend all his time hanging out with his mate who’ll be dying to get away from his Mrs by that time and then filling in the other gaps with riding his motorbike and going out on his mountain bike. I will not be missed in this equation. At all.

That said, we are having friends round on the Saturday after. I’m looking forward to that. I think they’re going to love gardening at Christmas too.


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  1. Vic said

    I really like the idea of a quiet christmas, but somehow think I’d never be allowed to get away with it. Perhaps if we didn’t have the whole build-up with parties and presents and the like it would be easier just to let it pass with a brief acknowledgment.

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