Waiting For The Big Fat Guy In The Red Suit

We’ve had a lovely productive week. One day we spent the whole day in the garden having a pre-winter clear up. There weren’t enough hours in the day to get all the jobs done but we made the front of the house look lovely and tidy. Swept the leaves into a big ton bag which we took to the composter at the recycling center 4 times to empty. We crawled on hands and knees weeding the path to the front door and the driveway we share with the messy neighbours next door. Fed up with constantly having to peer at their big rubbish pile amongst the weedy patch of grass between our shared drive and their Nissan Terano which is being used as outdoor storage, I threw all the junk off it underneath their car and then racked all the crap off into the bag for the dump. They are oblivious. I’m happy it won’t all end up being blown into our garden as per usual.

We worked up quite an appetite with all the activity, hauling that ton bag around and scooping up armfulls of leaves. I made us each a big cup of potato and parsnip soup which we sipped while leaning against the front of the house admiring the fruits of our labour.

Thin white wind swept clouds streaked the pale blue sky allowing the sun to filter through. The wind was blustery and created mini tornados on the ground with groups of leaves which had escaped the bag.

Wil’s grandma had a saying. “If there’s enough blue in the sky to make a sailors suit it’ll be a nice day”. Something I’d remembered him telling me in the car one day as we drove towards a cloudy outlook with a small square of blue squeezed in the middle.

“How big is the sailor?” Wil quizzed… “such a ridiculous saying”

I took a sip of my soup and noted that due to there being enough blue up there to make a sailors suit it’d turned out to be a nice day. Wil lowered his cup and peered upwards immediately springing into question again just has he had before in the car. “How big of a suit?… For how big of a sailor?… Is he big or small? and how does this affect the weather?”  I grinned, “yeah but if you look at it logically and look at the size of you, here, now and imagine cutting enough blue out of the sky to make clothes your size” “HANG ON A MINUTE, Wil interupted – Look at it LOGICALLY??? We’re talking about making a suit, for a sailor, OUT OF THE SKY!”dsc002091

I collected my pruning sheers and set about the overgrown shrub near the door.

We finished our shopping at the beginning of the week and even took an impromptu trip to Tescos to do the food shop late at night so as to avoid the imminent late shopping crowds of the last two days before Christmas.

Christmas is set to be a quiet affair – just as we wanted it. Cameron is in the states, Wil’s Mum is visiting her family in Lincoln and my Mum is entertaining my brothers and Nana at her house. Christmas dinner at mums house sometimes is not a relaxing affair. Mum doesn’t do well when she has a lot of people to cook for, she tends to get wound up and tense, and then there’s the imaginary *issue* because mum and one brother are vegetarian and little brother and nana are not and mum feels like she should cook them meat when in reality I’m sure neither of them really care if they eat vegetarian food anyway!.

The most stress we will have tomorrow is waking up in the morning and bartering over who gets to make the tea and then debating whether to  open our presents downstairs or in bed.

I hope your Christmasses are cheery and relaxed and that you get all that you wish for.

Love, Foxsden and Luna the Christmas Lurcher playing the part of Mary in the Nativity.


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  1. Wes said

    The resemblance to Mary is amazing!! Merry Twitmas to you and Wil as well 🙂 Oh, and Luna too!

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