Christmas Day

Wil made the tea – there was quite a bit of debate involved. In the end I picked my book up from the nightstand and began reading knowing full well that my patience would outweigh his. As expected he lasted about three minutes before throwing the covers back and jumping out of bed to go make drinks, a prerequistite of opening presents. He returned with two cups of tea and left again to collect our presents from under the tree.

With the pile of wrapped shapes stacked in the middle of the bed we took turns searching for one with our name on and peeled open the wrapping. I got a running heartrate monitor, a small handmade metal owl and a beautiful necklace made from silver metal and decorative glass beads. Some christmas tree decorations, chocolates, a book and a little drawstring bag from my brother with the message ‘let me know what you find it useful for’. I think I’ve already found a use – it’s perfect for holding all the small bits and pieces I carry around in my handbag. Lipstick, nail clippers, file, plasters etc.

Wil got some clothes, cd’s, a book, chocolate, wet weather motorbike boot covers, an fm transmitter to use with his mp3 player in the car and a cocktail shaker in which he promises to mix me a Mojito tonight.

We eventually crawled out of bed and ate breakfast at the table listening to the new cd’s I bought him. The Best of Busta Rhymes and the Ultramagnetic Mc’s. It took me ages to swallow down the hot porridge I made although I did so while admiring the freshly cleaned aquarium bubbling to the side of me. Gently twitching my shoulders to the rhythmic ‘YAR YAR YAR’ chant from Busta.

By late morning we’d retired to the living room where we have remained in quiet both reading books, drinking wine and munching on salt and vinegar kettle chips. It was several hours before I decided to flick the tv on incase there were any good movies I could record for Cameron.

As usual the same old Christmas durge has been dug up and churned out about as welcome as old dishwater. We turned instead, to ripping the piss out of the Christian Channels. Christmas Cheer Wil and Ren stylee.



  1. merry christmas Ren xx

  2. foxsden said

    Cheers Nutty.. hope you had a good one too..?

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