Holiday Snap

Disco inferno at pitch no. 12

Disco inferno at pitch no. 12

Just going through some old photos and looked at this one. I turned my screen to Wil and commented ‘Look…. me, doing what I do best. COOKING’ to which he snorted and replied ‘watch them eggs’ because that’s what I was doing at the time – scrambling some eggs before we set off for a bike ride and just after this photo was taken Wil asked if there was anything he could do to help to which I replied ‘yes, can you watch these eggs and make sure no flies get in them while I toast some bread’. Wil scoffed and remarked ‘watch them eggs… I get ALL the important jobs’.

I look at the photo now and realise that scrambled eggs aside – it just looks like my face is on fire.



  1. mrs hojo said

    are they precariously small chairs or is it an optical illusion?
    they do not look bum sized!


  2. Foxsden said

    They are £6 Motorway Services chairs that are about 6 or 7 years old! And yes, they are both very tacky, being plastered with the Union Jack and very small. I look like quite a fatty being sat on that chair in that photo!

  3. Mrs BN said

    I read somewhere once that a couple that constantly relive memories (particularly ones about how they met or got together) stay together… This is a really cute memory 🙂

    You two strike me as a very cute, strong couple!

    AND yes the chairs look small and I also had the same question until I read the comments!! lol

  4. Foxsden said

    We do a lot of that because the way in which we got together is quite amusing. The short story is: we both worked for the same company but in different locations. Long after I’d left I got asked along on a night out by some of my friends who still worked there. Unbeknowst to me Wil had seen my old website and came along on the same night out ‘on a mission’.
    He chatted me up a little bit but I turned my nose up because he was too young and I thought he was being a lad. So he chased a by emailing me LOADS and then found out I went to college on Thursdays. So he stalked outside the college for me to come out and then insisted I go for a drink with him ‘if I wasn’t too freaked out by his impromptu stalkering’… seeing as he’s put in the effort and finding him hilarious, I did. And the rest is history!

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