Bits and Pieces You Were Dying To Know

photo-17I needed to do a little bit of mental laundry as well as write a few things down here so that I would remember them:

1. Wil bought me three things for Christmas.  A romantic present, a practical present and a silly* present – (*his words not mine).  They were a necklace, a Garmin heart rate monitor for running and a small handmade steel owl ornament.  I haven’t been able to use the Garmin yet because I can’t do anything due to my pulled hamstring. However, I’m really looking forward to using it in my training. And I love the necklace. It’s the second time in 5 years that Wil has bought me jewelry and both times I’ve been thrilled with his choice. But I have to say – the owl…. I love the flipping owl! I’m going to take a photo soon and put it here for you to see.

2. I’m drinking red wine. This is not a usual thing for me, I’m a gin drinker and this flipping 3rd glass has just hit me like like a bad fart so please understand if this post divulges into complete crap from here because I feel like these hands on the keyboard in front of me, don’t actually belong to me. It’s something I like to call ‘The Malcovich Feeling’. If you’ve ever seen that movie ‘Being John Malcovich’ you’ll know what I mean when I say that – the view of your own hands in front of you seemingly being viewed from someone elses eyes.

3. Where was I? Er. yeah.. I’m watching Celebrity Big Brother. Let me just try to rescue that absurdity by saying I don’t usually watch Big Brother only the celebrity ones. Now that i’ve just confirmed that – it sounds even worse. Comparable to ‘usually I don’t smoke cigarettes but when I do I go for the extra nicotine filterless Camels’. I just want to say – I’m impressed with La Toya Jackson.. totally not what I thought she’d be. God this is getting worse.. moving on.

4. Thanks to Celebrity BB if Wil and I ever go to a fancy dress party we have to go dressed as Salt and Pepper pots – that scene with La Toya and Tommy dancing on ice dressed like that has made me laugh like a hyena. This is a bit of a change from our original plan to go dressed as. Bugger, I can’t remember now. I just asked Wil what it was we’d decided on and he says he was going to dress as a turtle with me sat on his back and if anyone asked what I was dressed as he was going to say ‘me shell’. Seriously… I might make him move out for jokes that bad.

5. That pain in my ass has now been diagnosed by a physio as a tear in the tendon that connects the leg muscle to the ass muscle. It’s a tendon injury at the top of the hamstring and I can’t run for 2 months. Say goodbye to the XC championships, the last 2 Suffolk XC winter series races, the Rendlesham Bike/Run and the Reading Half Marathon. CAN I FEEL ANY MORE SORRY FOR MYSELF AND MY PATHETIC WEAK GENETIC BIOMECHANICS? No, I really don’t think I can. GET ME ANOTHER GIN.

6. Trail Magazine. For those people who have read me for a while you will remember it was purchasing this magazine following a comment from my brother that spawned the off-the-cuff idea of buggering off to the OUTER HEBRIDES for a biking holiday in the summer. A holiday that turned out so spectacularly well that eating highland midges for breakfast on the first morning was nearly worth it. Wil picked me up a copy of Trail Magazine at the grocery store when he went shopping the other night. He casually tossed it onto the counter in front of me to be greeted by my squeal of delight at which point he followed his generosity with ‘I’ll be regretting that when I’m sat having a holiday on a beach in Swansea’.




  1. Penn said

    You would like this La Toya Jackson on Big Brother FAN SITE then!

    She’s my fave! I predict she wins!


  2. Foxsden said

    Wow… there really is a fan site for everything isn’t there! Thanks for the link Penn!

  3. Little brother said

    ‘I’ll be regretting that when I’m sat having a holiday on a beach in Swansea’

    The Gower Peninsula? Excellent choice Wil… Dil, prep the bikes… 😉

  4. Foxsden said

    I was going to say as long as it’s got a lovely view of that Welsh gem, Port Talbot I’m all for it, but then I remembered saying I’d rather set myself on fire than pay £10 to get across their poxy bridge again. Although the services on the way back are something to behold…. choices, choices.

  5. Vic said

    Saw the ads fo that half ton son thing – I just couldn’t believe how large he was. There’s definintely something wrong if you can get that big.

  6. Foxsden said

    It’s incredible and unbelieveable that once people get that big there are still people who will continue to cram them with shitty food. I just couldn’t do it to someone.

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