Primark In Purchasing From Underground Sweatshop Shocker!

It takes a lot of security to guard £2 stuff

It takes a lot of security to guard £2 stuff

I’m sorry but when I just watched this story on the BBC news I laughed. Are we really shocked? Really? Are we? Shocked? Is anyone shocked? If you read this and you’re shocked would you please let me know because I want to come to your house, clip a couple of leads attached to a 12volt battery to your genitals and leave you to WAKE. UP.

Primark sells family clothing, cheaply. You can buy jeans, shirts, jumpers, workout gear, coats – anything from about £1 per garment. And for the most part it’s all pretty nice stuff and much of it is comparable to much more expensive items you could buy elsewhere. I bought a thin knit long sleeve V-neck sweater at Esprit a couple of years ago and paid £15 for it. Recently I bought 5 different coloured thin knit long sleeve V-necks from Primark only different to the one I bought from Esprit by label and paid £15 total.  It’s an incredibly popular place to shop and not one you shop in thinking ‘the people who made these clothes are all generously paid legal British citizens’.

If you consider the pair of jeans you pull off the scrambled shelving in Primark and consider the price (£6). Then consider that the material, zip, buttons, thread and rivets must have a value, along with labels and any decoration or printing you’re probably looking at a basic cost of maybe £1.  Even the biggest idiot can determine that once every other factor from packaging, transportation, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer profits have been covered NOT TOO MANY WELL EDUCATED, WELL PAID BRITISH FOLK WERE INVOLVED IN THE SEWING TOGETHER OF THAT GARMENT.

So why does it come as a surprise to anyone that TNS Knitwear LTD has been using illegal immigrants and paying them £3.50 per hour to sew together clothes that end up in Primark?

If we’re honest, it doesn’t come as a shock to anyone really does it? It comes as no shock that we have illegal immigrants turning parts of our nation into a third world country, no surprise that they have taken up illegal employment with out the correct documentation and no surprise that these people who underhandedly exploited the system are now themselves part of an exploitation scheme, getting paid pennies for making cheap clothing. I use the term ‘exploit’ loosely – it’s one that Wil used a lot when we had a discussion about this topic and he and I don’t see eye to eye on it.  I’m of the very black and white opinion that are you really being exploited if it is your choice to do what you’re apparently being ‘exploited’ in?

In other news George W. Bush gave some sort of press talk today about his time in the White House. I only caught a few seconds worth of clips and I wasn’t shocked with what I saw there either. Bush is so freakish these days that it’s like he’s losing the plot. Seriously, when it comes to news that he’s barged into a school looking ragged and unshaven and gunned down all the kids – you heard it here first. The man looks insane, his shifty too-close-together eyes are insane as is the rate he flips from cool, to irritated, to sarcastic to just completely not making any logical sense at all. The man is a one way ticket to Britneyville waiting to happen. Wait for the stomach tattoo and the shaven head…. its coming and I still won’t be shocked. The press asked him what he thought he might do after he’s finished being President and his reply was along the lines of being an ‘A’ type personality and that he’s not the sort to don a big straw hat and hawaiian shirt and sit on a beach. Maybe not, but I bet he’s got some things in the pipelines.  There’ll be a space in the market soon for a new sweat shop owner, I reakon that’d suit him down to the ground.



  1. mrs hojo said



    I have an award over at my place for you :o)

  2. Vic said

    Not surprising at all. I’m not sure I have much sympathy for the plights of illegal immigrants (especially having known a fair few myself). Certainly, the ones I’ve known, have come here because they think they’ll get a better life, don’t care about the fact that their status here is illegal, and are pretty much happy to take what they can get. In a lot of cases I would imagine that regardless of whether they’re being exploited whilst over here, they’re still better off than they would be at home.

  3. Foxsden said

    I’m glad you said that Vic because I avoided going into the very same opinon in the post after I’d had a discussion with Wil and felt like my thoughts on it (being the same as yours) are of the minority. And because I’m not very good at explaining what I think sometimes – I decided it could all come out like I’m a right wing facist! Wil thinks that the majority have come here for a better life. I do too. The fact that they have chosen to work illegally and get paid crap money for it proves a point that it’s clearly better than what they were doing elsewhere. We went on to have a conversation about child sweatshop labour in Asian countries but it’s a different case in hand and not one you can draw comparisons in – (I believe).

  4. Tilly said

    If you came over here for a better life, particularly if you’ve come from an Asian country, you’re likely to not have very good English, and a very poor (if any) education. ‘Normal’ work is not available to you – so you HAVE to work these shitty jobs, as you’re not entitled to any benefits, because you’ve slipped under the radar and are here illegally. ‘Choice’ doesn’t really come into it.

    Getting paid £3.50 an hour for 7 days a week, 12 hour shifts *IS* tantamount to slave labour, and it IS illegal, it doesn’t matter if the labour is here illegally, and the fact that Primark knowingly take advantage of this is fucking outrageous. It doesn’t matter if it’s comparatively more than they would get in Asia, this isn’t Asia, it is not possible to have any kind of life on £3.50 an hour, you are merely existing.

    I’ve heard people complain that they can’t afford to shop anywhere else, but that isn’t the issue, the issue is that they want to buy something new every weekend… every time they go out they want to have whatever is in fashion *that week*. That makes me sick. We have turned into a bunch of avaracious locusts, consuming everything in our path.

    /steps down from soap box.

  5. Foxsden said

    That’s another way of looking at it and I agree with some of what you say Tilly, however consider that many of these people are also claiming benefits as well as working slave labour. They may not have good Engrish but they’re savvy at exploiting a system and while you’re exploiting systems I don’t think it should come as a big shocker that someone is going to be exploiting you. I don’t like that coming here ‘for a better life’ means sucking up all of our council housing, benefits and everything else that we pay into as working citizens. It’s not their fault, it’s the governments fault for not protecting the people that are truely entitled to this stuff.

  6. Foxsden said

    Oh and since I’ve got your attention Tilly…. I miss your blog and I wish you’d start it up again.

  7. Anthony said


    We have an articla written by one of our registereed members and piece needs a picture – do you own copyright of a Primark store image?

    I’d take one myself but the neaest one is 75 miles away!

    Hope you can help


    • Anonymous said

      Anthony it’s just a picture from google. Sorry

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