Mrs Hojo has presented me with this award….


Nothing says ‘I love your blog’ quite like a chintzy tea cup full of  pink roses which probably smell like a drawer full of your grans underpants. Too funny – who designs these things? Remember the last one?


Bizarrely complete with a row of houses on it and linked to a photo of someones kitchen!

However, awards are awards and I accept them with all the sarcastic, angsty piss rip that earned me them in the first place.   Thank you Mrs Hojo for reading my blog, all your lovely comments and of course this lovely award *sniff*.



  1. Redhead said

    What happened to your template?!

    I love that you thought the second one said “I looked on your blog”. I can’t read it as Hooked anymore.

  2. foxsden said

    Bah… I got bored. I get bored easily.. the green started getting to me.

    I still can’t see that little cross bar on the H, my eyesight is appauling. I’m going to design my own award I think… yep Foxy award coming soon.

  3. mrs hojo said

    yeah :o) we are thinking of designing our own award, we have been asked for something a bit more manly (like Annie Lennox?)
    you should get a prize for best acceptance speech at the very least *smirk*

  4. Vic said

    maybe we should all design awards and have abloggy awards ceremony. Who cares about the bloggies and the weblog awards when you could have the foxy hojo award!

  5. Foxsden said

    Surely that’d be a FoJo!

  6. mrs hojo said

    you could be onto something…

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