I’m Not Gay – And No One Cares!

daffydI love the place I work and I love my job. Like any other place of work it has it’s irritations. The fact you have to go through a song and dance to get anything done, the issues with under staffing and there being 50% more chiefs than Indians. The necessity for people to throw awful buzz words about to make out they know what they’re on about. And this insidious fascination with ‘partnerships’ and ‘working together’ which really just seem to be a cover up for farming out ‘giving a shit’ and quietly privatising public services. There are tons of irritating things where I work but they are by far outweighed by the benefits which are flexible working – I can basically pick my hours as long as I cover the amount I’m contracted to during a month. I get paid for the extra hours I work as well as being able to take time off in lieu of hours I’ve worked above my contracted hours. I get paid fairly well and I get recognised for what I do. When you add it up my holiday time runs into months rather than weeks and I have very little, if any pressure or stress. For those reasons I can accept the annoying warts on the place. Until that is I read the intranet site this week to find them making an announcement about having been named in a particular top 100 employers list which specifically identifies employers who are excellent at hiring gays.

Ok, fair enough it seems I’m not the only one enjoying working there – the population of gays we have working there obviously love it too. Now I’d never considered how many gays we have working in our company but I guess any employer who hires people in denominations of thousands you can guarantee there are going to be a few hundred differently sexually oriented people – either way, why should I care?

The answer is, I shouldn’t care because political correctness determines that I must not care because these gays are normal people like me and they shouldn’t be treated differently. And I don’t treat anyone who I know is gay differently I really couldn’t give two shits whether someone is gay or not. I’m more likely to care if someone has bad breath, not what sex person they’d rather be involved with. And this is what enrages me about this crap. On the one hand the ‘diversity’ muppets at work are beavering (no pun intended) away at making sure no one is taking a stab at the gays, Asians and disabled yet the irony is they are single handedly creating the isolation these people say they don’t want. At the end of the day being gay, bisexual, lesbian or trans-gender all comes down to one detail – Sexual preference. And who’s business is that anyway? And why must it come up at work of all places? Why does anyone’s sexual preference need to be involved in anyway at the place of work for someone sorting out your council tax, planning application, school dinners, streetworks? Surely the fact people who have different sexual preferences are working within the company they are means they’ve been treated fairly already. Job done – now get on with your day.

No one gives a shit that I’m NOT gay, it’s accepted as the norm yet if we spent time and effort making sure everyone treated me well because I’m hetrosexual and held clubs and groups so that I could go along and meet other people who are hetrosexual and then made announcements that it’s great they hired me because I’M HETROSEXUAL I soon wouldn’t be treated very normally.

Furthermore the intranet reports that they will be holding an LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) exhibition to celebrate the lives and achievements of the LGBT community in which they will be ‘flying the rainbow flag for part of the month’. The article went on: “The county council has an established lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) staff network which holds social events and has a say in staff policies. Diversity Champions at all levels of the workforce drive forward equalities for staff and customers, and we have excellent confidential monitoring of sexual orientation in the workplace, looking into the experiences of gay and lesbian people and measuring the outcomes of equality and diversity initiatives”…. Really? We’re looking into the experiences of gay and lesbians? WHY?

The more I read of this rubbish the more I felt like it was turning into a bit of a freak show. Will we be getting all the gays together and making them dress in pink sailor suits and skip around the foyer of the building too? What about the disabled people – are we going to involve them and give them a special day too? Everyone wear a prosthetic limb to celebrate being disabled, sorry, ‘less abled’, no, ‘limb challenged’. What’s next? Bring a gay to work day? Seriously it’s WRONG – not the being gay part – the whole fucking fanfare that is being created and I can honestly say if I was gay I’d be dead embarrassed by it all.



  1. mrs hojo said

    so if you are a minority, do you get any special treatment at work? being the only hetero in the village n’all

  2. glowstars said

    And I thought my place was bad… At least they’ve not resorted to exhibitions. Perhaps you should stge your own celebrating the fact that you’re now a minority.

  3. Foxsden said

    No! We don’t even get looked at… Political Correctness has disappeared so far up it’s own arse it’s actually turn the whole thing on it’s head and re-created discrimination.

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