We’re Baaaaaack!

sunburnWith screwed up body clocks.

Red bits.

Itchy heat rash bits.

Bottomless pits for stomachs (otherwise known as ‘All Inclusive Hunger Syndrome’)

A fresher angrier dislike for the UK and it’s SHITTY weather, although I’m told the moment our plane left terra firma on Feb 2nd you lot got dumped with the most snow in 18 years. LMAO – too bad we slipped straight into equatorial bliss of blue skies and bikini wearing warmth just 13 hours later.

A new dislike for nearly ALL Europeans (not just the French as before) and a new sector of French speaking wassicks – those being from Montreal and Quebec… Yes my xenophobia has reached new levels of hating those bastards who are incapable of showing manners, inability to take turns fairly and the persistant greediness of reserving sunbeds with towels – I’M TALKING TO YOU GERMANS.

Improved Spanish speaking abilities… I was able to use some of the Spanish I spent 2 years learning a while back. I was surprised how quickly it sprang back to me to the point that I think if I’d had another couple of weeks I could hold a fairly decent involved conversation.

250+ photos to pick through for the best shots to upload for you.

And a desire to hunt down and find the peanut allergy suffering asshole who got the entire aeroplane banned from consuming peanuts! That’s right – Thomson airlines ban peanuts if there is an allergy suffer on board. I want to know:



And lastly witnessing a shocking scenario at the airport whereby we saw a young girl from Romania standing at the passport control officers desk adjacent to the one we were at. She was asked what the nature of her trip was, to which she replied ‘to visit’. She was unable to provide an address of where she was staying and the response she gave to the question ‘how long will you be here for?’ varied from one week to a month. When asked for inspection of her return flight ticket she didn’t have one. They of course let her straight in!

Despite my sounding miserable and angry – take it as not as disappointment that I must have had a shit holiday but rather the best relaxation and evidence of the fiesty batteries being fully charged!

Whooot! More later when I’m not such a zombie.



  1. Tilly said

    Apparently…. when you open your bag of peanuts, there can be a little ‘poof’ of peanut dust, and it can be inhaled, especially in an airoplane, with recyled air, and they can get very poorly/dead depending on the degree of their allergy.

    I used to have allergy injections twice a week and was supposed to wait for 20 minutes afterwards, but I was a swot, and loved school, so always used to make ma and pa go after just 10 minutes. One time, mother wanted to get some cigs, so we drove to the shop, she jumped out and I started to feel ‘funny’. My head was pounding, and I couldn’t breathe… my tongue had actually swollen to a massive size, I blacked out and came round in the doctors where they’d just given me a HUGE adrenalin shot.

    Almost immediately I needed to go to the loo, but had to take a nurse with me… she wanted me to leave the door over, but I was 15 and really embarrassed, so just left it ajar, she chatted to me the whole fucking time. When I finished she asked we me if I’d done a ‘wee wee or a poo poo’. I couldn’t answer out of mortification, and she burst the door open on me like something out of the Sweeney, just as I was bending down to pull my pants up -she nearly knocked me out again.

    Allergies are scary mother fuckers. Alot of people say they are ‘allergic’ to something, but it’s actually more of an intolerance – allergies can be lethal.

    My comments on your posts lately are longer than any fecking post I’ve ever made.

  2. lol – I was gonna say about peanut allergies as well – ha ha

    when I worked at a pub about 15 years ago – there was a customer whose peanut allergy that was so bad, we had to go and tell her if anyone bought nuts so she could go outside or get her shot ready. She couldn’t go anywhere without an epi pen and it was definitely affecting her life… also my niece is a nut allergy sufferer so I have to defend it out of principle – LOL

    Hope you had a great holiday – I’ve missed the Feist!

  3. Foxsden said

    I know there is a legitimate problem out there. But if we all jumped through hoops for everyones allergies and problems we’d all have to float around in bubbles that never touched. It urks me that these types of problems have never been issues in the past yet all of a sudden we have to all stop what we’re doing and bend over backwards for a few people. Maybe if someone is so severely allergic to something very common, and visiting a country that really couldn’t give a shit about whether you keel over dead from breathing nut vapour then they should reconsider where and how they go, rather than requesting an entire group of people go without something. Personally nuts make up an important part of my diet! I know… I’m so unsympathetic but I’m pissed off with the whole politically correct brigade and the health and safety wankers who take everything to the limit. Where do we draw the line? What happens when you get someone who is allergic to air on the plane?

  4. ha ๐Ÿ™‚ well… yes you are unsympathetic ๐Ÿ˜› and to be fair, for the most part I kindagree.

    There are a lot of things that irk me about how politically correct we have become as a society and how we can’t say or do things for fear of offending someone – being accused of being racist, or fattist or ginger hair-ist or frecklist or heightist or sexist or whatever happens to get the attention of some jobsworth local politician somewhere – you know they actually have no kissing signs at a station somewhere in the UK now? So as not to offend they are actually attempting to stop people kissing goodbye at the station. I wasn’t actually sure whether to take the article seriously because it’s that dumb.

    But to me anaphylactic allergies to nuts or whatever the allergy happens to be, aren’t funny… and if there was someone on a plane with my daughter who (hypothetically) was so severely allergic to nuts that she could die being in the same place as some and someone said nuts are an important part of my diet so I think this is dumb – I’d think they were dumb… you don’t have to eat nuts on a plane for them to be an important part of your diet.. and if you were that parent or that person for that matter – I’m pretty sure you’d be grateful for the people that took it seriously… I would anyway… so glad to have you back Feisty!! I’ve missed a good debate!!!

  5. Foxsden said

    I think if my son was that severely allergic I’d question the wisdom of taking him to confined spaces where people could do something that would endanger his life. I’m not saying that nuts are an important part of my diet and therefore I think you should die instead. Just that maybe next time – go on a cruise boat instead of a plane.. Instead of expecting 250+ people to bend over backwards for you, take responsibility for yourself. There are many different allergies and problems out there – we can not account for them all and by that I don’t think we should start picking and choosing which ones we cater for. It’s time people took responsibility for themselves and stopped expecting society to work around them all the time. You have to remember that in the beginning we were not meant to be ‘saved’ like we are now – it was survival of the fittest. Just because something CAN be done doesn’t mean it SHOULD be done!

  6. So we can’t choose which allergies we can cater for – so we shouldn’t treat any? So we can’t catch every murderer – so we shouldn’t catch any? We can’t cure every cancer, so we shouldn’t try?

    I don’t know if we so much pick and choose which ones we cater for or that the ones that *need* to be catered for make themselves apparent. Peanut allergies attack in a sudden and severely effective way that can be fatal – and is known to be effective at killing people when only airborne (for some sufferers). That kind of puts it in a different league to being allergic to cat fur, no?

    Also – yes – we did used to be survival of the fittest – but things have moved on. Now we know how to treat/save cancer victims, premature babies, heart defects, stroke victims, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, measles, mumps, Rubella, meningitis and psychological disorders that kill. I totally agree that just because something can be done doesn’t mean it should be done – Jurassic Park was just *not* a good idea! But did I get my kids vaccinated? Yes I did and I would do it again.

    But I do think that people that said to me – you’re pregnant and you’re not going to eat soft cheese or raw egg? In my day we ate whatever we liked and drank a Guiness every night for good measure – but guess what? That’s not so good for your baby and because things have moved on and science and technology has moved on – we know that now.
    It was great for you *then* but the extra knowledge was there for me to make a choice on how I behaved…. and I *chose* differently. I modified my behaviour because I could, not because I should.

    I’m not a cotton wool mum at all – my girls dropped food on my floors, I was happy for them to eat a little dirt – if others had colds, did I not take my babies round there? Yes of course I did because I understand that moderate exposure to things that stimulate their immune systems are good for them. But would I expose them to nuts if I knew they were allergic? Erm, nope. Would I hope others would be considerate? Yes I would hope.

    There are allergies around now that didn’t even exist 40, 50, 60 years ago – or maybe they did but people just didn’t diagnose them and people died. New products, new way of life, reduced exposure to all sorts of things that are making our kids too sensitive to all sorts of allergens? yes. But to me it just doesn’t matter which way you slice it – things have changed, life has moved on, society has moved on and we need to roll with the punches and accept that some need extra consideration… and if you’re not one of those people then that’s fab – but you never know when you might be!

    Or you could *not* accept that some need extra consideration but then aren’t you walking past the old man that drops down of a heart attack in the street and saying – 200 years ago no one would have known what to do with you so I’m sorry but your time’s up? Because hey, just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should. If you knew you were ill and infirm then you shouldn’t have stepped outside your door in the first place.

    (ps and I know you were being funny (funny ha ha) when you said about nuts being part of your diet – I wasn’t trying to be ridiculous – was just following it through)

    I love this ๐Ÿ™‚ – It’s making me want to go back to uni and DEBATE! BN never debates without not managing to get personal … he just ends up arguing which just gets so tiresome.

  7. foxsden said

    In most cases yeah it’s cool to treat illnesses if we find a way and it’s cool if we provide wheelchair ramps outside buildings etc. I’m not saying we should still be living in the dark ages. My biggest point is we shouldn’t be bending over backwards for EVERYTHING. There needs to be a degree of common sense involved because we’re going to end up not being able to do ANYTHING. Barring 200+ people on an aeroplane from doing something because of one or two people’s allergy isn’t something I think we should be doing. I think those people that have issues should take responsibility for themselves and choose a better way to get around.
    I think a lot of allergies are self inflicted. These people who bring kids up in a disinfected bubble and pander to all of little Jonnies picky eating habits are causing some of these problems and now I can’t eat a pack of nuts on the plane because of them. Fuck it! If we pander to these people we’ll have to pander to the next generation of Oxygen intollerant weaklings and that’s really going to shit my holiday up.

  8. Tilly said

    @mumof4 – the kissing at the railway station? Is actually one of my local stations, it’s nothing to do with offending people, it’s because the taxi drivers are complaining that people are taking ages saying goodbye, and queues are piling up behind them, blocking the road.

    So they’ve decided to get round it by banning people from kissing. I don’t think they’re actually going to ‘do’ anything… could you imagine having to go up to someone and saying ‘move along there, no kissing’. !!

  9. Tilly said

    Oops, sorry I meant @nuttymummy

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