Ways To Make Traffic Lights Go Green INSTANTLY!

1. Apply makeup in the rear view mirror. Guarantee you’ll get a green light by the time you get the lid of your lip gloss.

2. Fumble in the glove box for a cd. As soon as you’re sat with the box open, the current cd ejected and the new one about to go in the slot – the light will change.

3. Attempt to locate something just out of reach in the backseat requiring you to briefly remove your seat belt. You’ll know the light has just changed when the car behind you is laying on the horn.

4. Write a text on your mobile. Second word – green light, then you try to hurry – annoyingly hit the exit button by mistake and send the partial message to your drafts.

5. Put the handbrake on. As soon as you lift your foot off the clutch you’ll have to get going again.



  1. Vic said

    You forgot anything to do with stopping your kid from whining in the back seat!

  2. Foxsden said

    LOL….. mine hasn’t done that for a few years – but you’re right. It would have been top of my list at the time.

  3. how about take the lid off your hot drink to check if they actually gave you what you wanted … 🙂

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