Something That Made Me Laugh

bbOn Sunday afternoon we watched a DVD. It was a Chinese film called Beijing Bicycle, subtitled due to the original language being Mandarin.

I would happily watch only independent films even if it meant I could never see another blockbuster ever again, I’m also very partial to foreign subtitled films. Sometimes however, they can be a little hit and miss and Beijing Bicycle was just that.

As the credits began to roll I stretched in in my chair and Wil turned to look at me to gauge my reaction towards the film.

“WELL”, I said.. “I enjoyed the concept on the whole but I think they often spent too long focusing on the same scene. The scenes were too long. Other than that I can’t believe we just watched an entire film about some kids arguing over a bike.. what did you think?”

“I think they could have summed the whole bloody thing up in an advert, that was 3 hours of my life I’ll never get back”


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