Made Me Laugh…

Wil and I were sat in the food court at Chapelfields Shopping Centre in Norwich yesterday, eating baked potatoes when Wil remarked at how he liked the full sleeve tattoo the guy sat behind me was sporting. I picked my moment and subtly craned my neck around to have a look, returning to face Wil with a bit of a surprised face at this unexpected statement. Nerdy Data Warehouse Spod with a penchant for sleeve tattoos… you surprise me.

Moments later a very large lady waddled from the restroom area with two little girls bouncing along side her. Cramming a fork full of potato in my mouth I gave her the once over and after engaging Wil’s eye contact motioned his attention to the top of her arm where there was a small dollop of randomly placed tattoos each about the size of a fingernail. “Speaking of tattoos” I grinned.

Wil raised his eyebrows, finished his mouthful of potato and quipped..

“I bet that used to be a full sleeve”



  1. Lindy said

    That Wil of yours is quick on his toes, isn’t he? I’d have spit food all over if he had shot that one at me.

  2. Anonymous said

    Thats David Beckhams tattoo ya bullshitting gobshites!

    • foxsden said

      Well done – did anyone say it was someone elses? What’s your point you drive-by keyboard warrior?

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