The New ‘Mazda Migraine’

mazda3_interiorI think it was ‘migraine panic’ that made me stop Wil walking me back through the market to the car when I got struck with one of my migraines yesterday. We were browsing around ‘The UK’s Largest Model Shop’ at Snetterton. It’s the sort of fight or flight reaction I get when that first tiny blind spot appears in my eyes that causes my body to shut down all rationale, drop everything and get myself to the safety of a dark quiet place I can lay to recover as quickly as possible.

‘Stay here, stay here’ I insisted, grabbing the keys out of his hand. Not only had he anticipated the trip to the model shop like a kid looking forward to Christmas, but the longer he stayed in there the more time I had to lay still in the car. That car that we fuss and swear about. That car with all the power of a one legged man on a bike, the engine size of a musical jewelry box and the fuel consumption of a tank. That car was the one thing I was looking forward to getting back to right here, right now. That car was going to be the saving grace of this moment, my cocoon and protective capsule from noise, smells, light and people.

With a growing blind spot in my central vision the stumble back through the busy market was a bit surreal. People missing parts of their face, dogs with no heads, market stalls with the roof missing – it all looked like a fragmented glass Picasso jigsaw. I turned out of the market through a gap in the fence when I saw some cars parked on the grass, and there I stood for a moment trying to look sideways attempting to identify some of the cars in front of me. A few seconds passed and I began to get quite freaked out as the remaining peripheral vision I had was getting clouded over with abstract whiteness and I still hadn’t found the car. Infact all of the cars in this field appeared to be facing the wrong way -I was sure we left our car facing the market. I left the field and carried on walking, guided by a chainlink fence. Just beyond a wooden fence I found another gateway into an adjacent field where I narrowly avoided barging into someone I heard before seeing a plastic bag they were holding.

I found the car, crawled inside, tipped the seat back, threw my coat over my head and fell asleep.

Some time later we made our way home. Driving slowly, stopping briefly at the side of the road for vomit breaks. I sat leaning out of the passenger door, staring at my feet wondering how far apart they’d need to be to stop sick splashing on my jeans. Sat there between the passenger side front and rear doors open wide shielding me from view of the oncoming traffic I heaved.

During this trip I felt completely robbed of a Bank Holiday off work, very grateful for having the best bloke ever stood over me at the side of the road, holding my hair and even happier for that gutless car which Wil says ‘should measure it’s speed on a fucking calendar rather than a speedometer’. It may be rubbish as a car but it makes a great migraine hideaway.



  1. I used to live really near Snetterton. Are you near there? That’s brought back memories of being able to hear bikes going round and round the racetrack from our garden.

    Hope your migraine’s gone now x

  2. Foxsden said

    We’re about 50 minutes drive away (just north of Ipswich) but we go up to the Aquatics place at East Harling a lot and Snet is about one more exit up the A11 from there. I finally felt human again yesterday!

  3. lisabtoday said

    You are not the only one to run to a car to try to live through a migraine. I escape to my tiny hatchback (“the jellybean”) if I have one at work. I keep a pillow in there and I have an ice pack in the freezer at work that I grab on the way. Pop an Imitrex, grab the ice pack, get to the car, crawl in to the back seat where it is dark, put on the air and try to relax as best that I can. Set the alarm clock on my cell phone and pray that it goes away. Never thought that the little cheap car that embarrasses my daughter (the private school with the Mercedes and BMWs and here we pull up in this) is my little hideaway.

    Barely make it up a hill, but the back seats go down and the hatch makes a nice little place to lay 🙂

  4. Foxsden said

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone, I mean I KNOW I’m not because billions of people suffer with migraines but I’d love to know how more people deal with them in awkward day to day situations. Most non-sufferers think it’s just a really bad headache but mine often dont have any head pain at all although they make up for it when they do. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Mrs BN said

    I get migraines but thankfully only 1 or 2 a year – I don’t always pain either but I get missing vision in my left eye and I usually feel very queasy. The most bizarre thing I get is that the skin on the left side of my head hurts to touch – it doesn’t feel bruised but just touching it is absolute electric pain.

    I have a pillow in the kitchen at work and I have to go and rest my head on the table and turn all the lights out. Sometimes that works – I know I’m lucky I don’t get them often .. they are not my friend!

    Glad you feel better 🙂

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