Is It Fun Yet?

sg1s0620That was a shitty week. It started off with Napoleon the Clownfish getting sick and dying before I could blink. Then Tina the Clownfish went down with something equally as horrid which began eating away at her body. I had to scramble around every available fish shop in the area to gather different treatments and medicines and just in the nick of time I managed to get together a quarantine tank to put Tina in for treatment. But just before I did that I had to give her that awful freshwater dip..It was not the highlight of my life.

In the meantime Rossi the Watchman Goby fish disappeared in the main tank. Two days later I still hadn’t seen him and he wasn’t even getting tempted out with Brine Shrimp. Nothing gets in the way of Rossi and Brine Shrimp.

As I was checking around every available hideaway spot in the tank I found Rossi’s partner, Valentino the Pistol Shrimp squeezed into an odd place at the side of the tank, under some rock. It’s not like those two to be sat in different places so the doom immediately set in that Rossi must have met the same demise that Napoleon did. I had to move a few pieces of rock about to have a good look and that’s when I accidentally smashed one of my Turbo Snails between a piece of live rock and the tank glass. I think I have one left out of the six I bought. Fortunately I caught sight of Rossi today so he’s alive at least.

Because the emergency quarantine tank wasn’t established it hadn’t cycled. Despite using water and filter media from the main tank in a small canister filter the bacteria killing medicine finished off the bacteria and then the ammonia began to creep up. Ammonia can be deadly for fish, so daily 50% water changes have been the order of the day, every day. That means filling a container with RO water, mixing in the salt and aerating it with an air stone to reach the correct PH and heating it to the right temperature. Then removing half the water in the quarantine tank and replacing it with the fresh water. The daily testing of water parameters have made more than one room in our house look like a chemistry lab.

All, as Wil pointed out, for a £20 fish!

It wouldn’t be so bad if it hadn’t been a £20 fish that was at some point in it’s earlier life, swimming happily around the Great Barrier Reef minding it’s own business until it got captured, shipped and dumped from tank to tank until it ended up with some flesh eating disease in my little Nano Tank in Sunny Suffolk. At the very least I owe it a happy life.

To top it all off Wil then spent all weekend in bed with a migraine and I had a dentist appointment yesterday where I found out I have two fillings to be done.

I just don’t know if I can stand the pace of the excitement around here. At this rate I might start sticking needles in my face for some light entertainment.



  1. mrs hojo said

    Blimey, thats worse than looking after babies, are they on the mend though?


  2. Vic said

    You[re having a really crap time of it. I hope you’re feeling better now and the fish are on their way to recovery.

  3. foxsden said

    Thank you both… yep she’s on the mend! hooray!

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