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Not Suitable For HGV’s

Does this wall make my lorry look fat?

Does this wall make my lorry look fat?

There is a little lane between my house and nearly every other place I ever need to go. This lane cuts about 2 or 3 miles off a journey into the main road that goes to the dual carriageway, superstore and my work. For this reason the narrow single track road is extremely popular with all other road users and equally unsuitable for large vehicles and lorries. There is even a sign at either end of the road that reads:


What does this mean?

It means that if you drive a massive 12 wheeler, double the height of a standard lorry, owned by SACKERS Recycling of Great Blakenham, Suffolk then it is perfectly OK for you to squeeze every other poor sod driving down that road sideways onto the mud embankment in order for you to barge your stupid oversized self through. What it also means is that by doing so you repeatedly hit branches from the trees forming a tunnel over the road making them loose, dangle precariously and then smash down in front of my car and on two occasions directly onto the bonnet of my car. Lucky for you there is no damage otherwise you’d have my angry ginger ass on your doorstep first thing tomorrow with a claim form in hand.

Nice to know that part of the environmental goodness you’re doing for the earth by recycling reuseable materials SACKERS, one of your complete NOUGHT drivers is undoing the good by smashing his way down a tiny country lane that would struggle to hold a horse and cart let alone an HGV.

Seems to me you need to start recycling driver training.


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De-Restricting A Honda Zoomer – FAQ

This is in response to my other post on Derestricting My Honda Zoomer on which I’ve had many questions in the comments. So I thought I’d update with a summary here to make the information a bit easier to find. Please note, I am a girl. My mechanical expertise here is limited and I had the help of men with the installation – but mainly because they had the tools required to do the job. Removal of the variator is very difficult without an impact driver or similar. If I owned an impact driver it’d look like this:

Impact Driver

Girly Impact Driver

Honda Zoomers in the UK are restricted to 28mph top speed. It is capable of doing 40-45mph with a few minor upgrades. Here are the parts I used to achieve this – there may be better ways to go about it, but this works for me:

1. Install the Polini CDI unit. This tells the engine about fuel flow etc. and allows the engine to rev past the 28mph restriction but although the engine will be able to rev higher – the scoot can not physically move faster without the next step.

2. Install the Polini Variator with 3 blue rollers and 3 yellow rollers. The yellow rollers weigh 2.4g and the blue ones weigh 3.7g. By installing them alternately (blue/yellow/blue/yellow etc) it will give you top acceleration and top speed. When I installed all yellow I had top speed but acceleration uphill and from a stand still was fairly sedate!

3. Install the air intake tube (this is part of the Polini Zoomer De-Restriction Kit). I’m not sure what this does but I assume you need more air to push more fuel for more speed.

As far as I’m aware it’s not essential you replace the exhaust for performance but it may help squeeze a bit more out. And the stock exhaust does get a lot hotter and more burny smelling with the higher speed. I replaced mine with the Polini one that came with the kit which I found to sound nice, but made of shitty quality. You also need to mod this a little bit by pulling out the narrow tube in the end to make it sound bassey.

Part numbers:

The complete Zoomer Polini Kit is part no. 170.2100.

Polini Zoomer Kit

Polini Zoomer Kit

The Polini Variator is part no. 241.626.

Polini Variator

Polini Variator

The Polini CDI unit is part no: 171.0526.

Polini CDI

Polini CDI

You can not install after market rollers in the stock variator and get the best results. To understand how the variator works see this excellent article here:

I had a local bike shop order my parts for me but there are many online places that sell the bits, these are a few:

This is Polini’s website with more detail about the parts. It’s written in Ital-glish and if you think the grammar is poor on their site, you’re in for a treat when you get your Polini kit instructions out.

For more detailed information on this topic on this blog read this:

For more help from people much more knowledgeable than me go here:

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Running….. But Not Me Doing It

My Little Bruv completed his first race the other night, a 10k which he finished in 45:43 minutes – an impressive 7.5 minute mile. Since he lives on the other side of the country from me I wasn’t there to show support. However, if I had been there I’d have told him I was going out with my friends and that he couldn’t come with me – and then run off ahead of him. Because when he was 4 that shit used to make him run as fast as hell, although he used to cry his eyes out at the same time which probably wouldn’t look too sharp on a 30 year old man.

In other news, the Old Ginge completed his first Marathon today at Halstead. Me and the girls (and Dale) popped along to do the cheering and clapping to spur him and about 400 other people along.  It was a gorgeous hot sunny day – perfect for watching other people sweat themselves to death over 26 miles. Fortunately it didn’t hold Digger back and he completed  in an admirable 4 hours and some minutes.

Now hopefully both of you will pull a hamstring and let me catch up!

(More photos on my Flickr site – Link in the side bar <——-)

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I love my Macbook and I’d take it over a shitty Windows machine any day. I’ve got a fairly new Windows PC at home that I rarely use in favour of my little white slab. However, the other night when my sleeve caught very slightly on the flat palm rest of my machine I looked down in horror to find I’d just fallen foul of the infamous MAC PALM REST CRACK.

A small very uniform sliver of white plastic has cracked away from the main body of the palm rest left hanging only by it’s end which is about 2mm in width. When I Googled the problem I was shocked to find the amount of images all depicting the same defect. So exact are they all you’d have thought Apple planned it as well as the rest of the build but apparently in a lot of cases they are not having any of it.  Will be contacting them soon!

See article here:

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Things That Made Me Laugh

This morning a puffy eyed Cameron wrapped in his bright yellow Sponge Bob Square Pants dressing gown came and piled next to me on my bed. He laid there for a short while, expelling his morning breath into my face, causing me to push my face subtly under the duvet. When I ran out of usable oxygen in the small area between my chest and the duvet I tried to get Cam to move by asking if it was his turn to make his lovely mother a cup of tea.

He moaned and rolled away from me revealing Sponge Bobs massive face embroidered across the back of his robe and replied

“Talk to the Sponge!”

Wil returned home from Bracknell today and enquired as to why I bothered to only buy a 2 pinter of milk. I explained that I’d gone to work on my bike when I remembered we’d run out and very kindly one of the chaps at work had picked it up for me while they were out. In order to bring it home in my rucksack, I’d opted not to buy a 6 pinter, and that it was a good job I hadn’t because it left room in my bag for half a dozen eggs from the little farm shed selling free range eggs on my way home.

“Good job you didn’t crash” Wil replied, “you’d have made an omelet”

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Marine Nano Tank Time Lapse Video

This is what I spent my afternoon doing! Incase you stay here to watch it, here’s what I wrote on my Vimeo page.

My first time lapse movie using the iSight camera on my MacBook and Gawker software. Really disappointed that I had trouble exporting the movie full size from iMovie – for some reason the video frame froze after about 2 seconds of play while the music carried on, so apologies for the rubbish quality.

You can see my Clown Fish ‘Tina’ busying around on her Toadstool ‘Matey Boy’. The Orange Button Polyps middle screen are interesting, particularly in the second half of the vid when the view gets wider – they appear to pulse with the music.

Keep an eye in the bottom left quarter of the video window for a yellow fish. This is my Yellow Watchman Goby, ‘Rossi’. Other movements are the Nassarius Snails who bury themselves under the substrate, slide around the bottom of the tank and then dig themselves back in again.

I had loads of fun doing this, hope you enjoy.

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Our garden pond is about a metre away from the patio doors of our living room, I have the sofa positioned so that you can sit and stare at it. The nicest thing apart from watching the fish glide through the water is the smell of those water lillies wafting through the door. Imagine freshly bloomed Hyacinths.

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