Fly’in Home

fliesI’ve covered 40 miles on my bike this week just by biking to and from work on 4 days.  I could have ridden 5 days this week, I felt fit enough but I also felt I needed a break from eating flies.

There are an incredible amount of flies out this year. There are routes I can take to my office that I would avoid at this time of year because they have a lot of shady patches near ditches and farms which causes a lot of flies but my general direct route is pretty open between the fields so I am surprised at the large clouds of fairly big flies gathering at regular intervals along the road. In some parts I end up holding my breath while I navigate several patches of buzzing insects at face level. Not an easy thing to do when you’re puffing your lungs out from giving it max effort.

So on day 3 I sparked the Zoomer up and zipped out of the garage for a speedier ride to work. Only this time I watched as every fly that would have made it’s way up my nose or down my throat splattered across my visor clearing the path for a less fly infested ride in today!


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