Slapped Cheek Disease/Syndrome or 5th Disease

I just wanted to mention this on here because I know some of you have kids.  A few weeks ago Cameron developed really red cheeks. It looked like he’d been running a lot on a hot day only he hadn’t and it wasn’t hot. I didn’t give it a lot of attention as he said he felt ok. A couple of days later when he still had the bright red face I questioned again if he felt ok, he said he did. He had no abnormal temperature however he had noticed that there was a faint rash on his legs. The rash wasn’t bumpy or raised, just a lacy dark pink pattern under his skin that you had to look at in a certain light to even see properly. After another day the red cheeks were still prevalent and the rash covered most of his body. Now he began complaining of aching joints and muscles. He laid on the floor several times and asked me to pull his legs to stretch him! I thought he was having growing pains or something but it turns out the problems were all linked.

Since he’d felt fine the whole time and the rash didn’t seem to interfere with his day to day I looked around on the internet to see if I could find anything that mentioned it… nothing came up. He was playing out with friends and eating well so I didn’t rush him off to the doctor and after about a week it disappeared as quickly as it’d appeared.

Today a letter came home from the school saying they still had a case of ‘Slapped Cheek Syndrome’ going round the school. I searched this on the net and found this was exactly what he’d had.

No moral to the story – I’m just hoping that if any other parents out there end up searching the internets many corners for ‘child with red face, rash on body and achy limbs’ they’ll end up here and get the info they’re after!

Slapped Cheek Syndrome/Disease AKA 5th’s Disease
Viral, transmitted usually between children by their spitty, sneezy habits (fluid entering lungs)
Lasts about a week.
Causes red ‘slapped’ cheeks, low grade fever, aching limbs and joints and rash anywhere on the body.
There is no cure, no need to rush to the docs. It will clear on it’s own although you can give calpol or similar to control temperature and aid aching feeling.

I haven’t put a picture on here but you can find plenty by searching Google Images with any of the title of this post.


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