Marine Nano Tank Time Lapse Video

This is what I spent my afternoon doing! Incase you stay here to watch it, here’s what I wrote on my Vimeo page.

My first time lapse movie using the iSight camera on my MacBook and Gawker software. Really disappointed that I had trouble exporting the movie full size from iMovie – for some reason the video frame froze after about 2 seconds of play while the music carried on, so apologies for the rubbish quality.

You can see my Clown Fish ‘Tina’ busying around on her Toadstool ‘Matey Boy’. The Orange Button Polyps middle screen are interesting, particularly in the second half of the vid when the view gets wider – they appear to pulse with the music.

Keep an eye in the bottom left quarter of the video window for a yellow fish. This is my Yellow Watchman Goby, ‘Rossi’. Other movements are the Nassarius Snails who bury themselves under the substrate, slide around the bottom of the tank and then dig themselves back in again.

I had loads of fun doing this, hope you enjoy.


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