I love my Macbook and I’d take it over a shitty Windows machine any day. I’ve got a fairly new Windows PC at home that I rarely use in favour of my little white slab. However, the other night when my sleeve caught very slightly on the flat palm rest of my machine I looked down in horror to find I’d just fallen foul of the infamous MAC PALM REST CRACK.

A small very uniform sliver of white plastic has cracked away from the main body of the palm rest left hanging only by it’s end which is about 2mm in width. When I Googled the problem I was shocked to find the amount of images all depicting the same defect. So exact are they all you’d have thought Apple planned it as well as the rest of the build but apparently in a lot of cases they are not having any of it.  Will be contacting them soon!

See article here:


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  1. Lindy said

    Oh too bad!. But doesn’t it just seem like theres always some ‘catch’ to everything? Hopefully they’ll replace your baby.

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