Things That Made Me Laugh

This morning a puffy eyed Cameron wrapped in his bright yellow Sponge Bob Square Pants dressing gown came and piled next to me on my bed. He laid there for a short while, expelling his morning breath into my face, causing me to push my face subtly under the duvet. When I ran out of usable oxygen in the small area between my chest and the duvet I tried to get Cam to move by asking if it was his turn to make his lovely mother a cup of tea.

He moaned and rolled away from me revealing Sponge Bobs massive face embroidered across the back of his robe and replied

“Talk to the Sponge!”

Wil returned home from Bracknell today and enquired as to why I bothered to only buy a 2 pinter of milk. I explained that I’d gone to work on my bike when I remembered we’d run out and very kindly one of the chaps at work had picked it up for me while they were out. In order to bring it home in my rucksack, I’d opted not to buy a 6 pinter, and that it was a good job I hadn’t because it left room in my bag for half a dozen eggs from the little farm shed selling free range eggs on my way home.

“Good job you didn’t crash” Wil replied, “you’d have made an omelet”


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