Running….. But Not Me Doing It

My Little Bruv completed his first race the other night, a 10k which he finished in 45:43 minutes – an impressive 7.5 minute mile. Since he lives on the other side of the country from me I wasn’t there to show support. However, if I had been there I’d have told him I was going out with my friends and that he couldn’t come with me – and then run off ahead of him. Because when he was 4 that shit used to make him run as fast as hell, although he used to cry his eyes out at the same time which probably wouldn’t look too sharp on a 30 year old man.

In other news, the Old Ginge completed his first Marathon today at Halstead. Me and the girls (and Dale) popped along to do the cheering and clapping to spur him and about 400 other people along.  It was a gorgeous hot sunny day – perfect for watching other people sweat themselves to death over 26 miles. Fortunately it didn’t hold Digger back and he completed  in an admirable 4 hours and some minutes.

Now hopefully both of you will pull a hamstring and let me catch up!

(More photos on my Flickr site – Link in the side bar <——-)



  1. Little Brother said

    Heh, in training since I was 4 years old… I’m holding back the tears here:
    (no short shorts wearing 85)

  2. Digger said

    Thanks for being David Bailey for the day.
    Bloomin’ good job you did, because I’ve scoured the race-photo site and apart from a long-lens shot of me crossing the line I appear to have not participated in the preceding 26 miles and 200 yards of the competition!
    OK, I admit it, I hid in a bush for 4 hours and just popped out to claim a medal. 🙂
    Strange as it may seem, I actually enjoyed the race.

    I need you to come up with something even more challenging for me to do! You’re good at that kind of thing!

    Set the bar higher for Digger, and see if he can jump over it.

    Big Hug, and many thanks for the moral support on Sunday, it meant a lot to me.


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