De-Restricting A Honda Zoomer – FAQ

This is in response to my other post on Derestricting My Honda Zoomer on which I’ve had many questions in the comments. So I thought I’d update with a summary here to make the information a bit easier to find. Please note, I am a girl. My mechanical expertise here is limited and I had the help of men with the installation – but mainly because they had the tools required to do the job. Removal of the variator is very difficult without an impact driver or similar. If I owned an impact driver it’d look like this:

Impact Driver

Girly Impact Driver

Honda Zoomers in the UK are restricted to 28mph top speed. It is capable of doing 40-45mph with a few minor upgrades. Here are the parts I used to achieve this – there may be better ways to go about it, but this works for me:

1. Install the Polini CDI unit. This tells the engine about fuel flow etc. and allows the engine to rev past the 28mph restriction but although the engine will be able to rev higher – the scoot can not physically move faster without the next step.

2. Install the Polini Variator with 3 blue rollers and 3 yellow rollers. The yellow rollers weigh 2.4g and the blue ones weigh 3.7g. By installing them alternately (blue/yellow/blue/yellow etc) it will give you top acceleration and top speed. When I installed all yellow I had top speed but acceleration uphill and from a stand still was fairly sedate!

3. Install the air intake tube (this is part of the Polini Zoomer De-Restriction Kit). I’m not sure what this does but I assume you need more air to push more fuel for more speed.

As far as I’m aware it’s not essential you replace the exhaust for performance but it may help squeeze a bit more out. And the stock exhaust does get a lot hotter and more burny smelling with the higher speed. I replaced mine with the Polini one that came with the kit which I found to sound nice, but made of shitty quality. You also need to mod this a little bit by pulling out the narrow tube in the end to make it sound bassey.

Part numbers:

The complete Zoomer Polini Kit is part no. 170.2100.

Polini Zoomer Kit

Polini Zoomer Kit

The Polini Variator is part no. 241.626.

Polini Variator

Polini Variator

The Polini CDI unit is part no: 171.0526.

Polini CDI

Polini CDI

You can not install after market rollers in the stock variator and get the best results. To understand how the variator works see this excellent article here:

I had a local bike shop order my parts for me but there are many online places that sell the bits, these are a few:

This is Polini’s website with more detail about the parts. It’s written in Ital-glish and if you think the grammar is poor on their site, you’re in for a treat when you get your Polini kit instructions out.

For more detailed information on this topic on this blog read this:

For more help from people much more knowledgeable than me go here:



  1. Lindy said

    Around here we call that ‘gitty up & go’. Sounds like a fat system. With a cherry bomb muffler that would sound like a hog coming down the road.
    BTW, You may be thinking I’m from KY because I grew up there. I moved to OH when my first husband died. I’m not sure about the job but I’ve been at the zoo for about 10 years now.

  2. James said

    Hey, i have got the polini system installed, and want too take the ‘tube’ out of the end of the can… is there an easy way to do this without any damage to the exhaust.

    • foxsden said

      Yep, what Wil (below) says.. It was very easy with the Dremmel. If you don’t have a Dremmel I’m sure a small drill bit would do the same job. It sounds more like a motorbike than a hairdryer once you get rid of that piece.

  3. Wil said

    James – to remove ours, I used a dremel to grind away the spot welds that hold the baffle in (I think there are 3 in total). Once out, you can’t put it back in, but you wouldn’t want to anyway – it sounds much better without!

    5 minute job at most!

  4. sorin said

    hello ,
    do you use 15 X 12 rollers ?



    • Foxsden said

      Sorin – read the post, it tells you what rollers you need.

  5. Zoomer-boy said

    Hey, WOW, first of all THIS IS HOW A POST IS WRITTEN, nicely done fox. Everything is there, all the info, links and all included.
    Secondly, do the Impact drivers come in blue too?
    Then thirdly, there is a company that wright workshop manuals for pretty much everything from camping and caravaning to “How to completly break down and rebuild you very own tigermoth”( it an airplane (an old one)). Now ive gotten in contact with them to find out if there is a manual for our Zoomers, but unfotunalty there isnt one. They said that theyll not be printing one either. (Its a supply and demand thing)
    Now, if any one has ever had the privlage to use a Heynes manual thell know that this is THE ultimate book in sevicing your ride wheither it be a car or erm… Tigermoth. Each manual is based on a complete strip down and re-build of your ride.
    Ok, to get back to the supply and demand thing. Heynes keep record of all requsts of specific manuals… need i say more…
    Guys its time to stand up for what we want! Get onto heynes’ site and request them zoomer maunuals. the more the merrier.
    Good luck and hope to get all your support!!

    The Heynes website URL:

    And… the “Do you make a maunual for..?
    This is the one you really need. All you need to do is ask them if they do a manual for the Honda zoomer, and add the year of your bike

  6. ben said

    how fast does your zoomer now go with the cdi and varitors. what else is needed to get the most out of my zoomer without spending much.
    when you talk about taking the middle pipe in the exhaust to get a better sound, do you do this to the standard exuast or the polini one.

    • said

      All your questions are answered in the post.

  7. ben said

    does anyone have any spare 2.4 and 3.7 rollers?
    as there sold in packs of six when we only need 3 of each.
    also do you have to put them in a special varitor case or can you put them in the stock variator. will it make a difference?

  8. Zoomer-boy said

    HEy there Peeps, was wondering if anyof you managed to get onto the site for Heynes. can you drop me a mail if you did please it would be nice to know.
    On the other hand where abouts do you all live perhaps we can arrange some kind of Honda Zoomer day or somethin. You know, like meet somewhere and drive some where else… just an idea, cuz I google it and there doesnt seem to be any clubs for the zoomers…
    Lemme know what you think.
    PS, ofc Im not asking for your home adress or anything just like area eg. west-end, east, south of the river, north Scotland… northpole whatever…

  9. Zoomer-boy said

    OH Oh!! found these guys on a businesscard left on my bike and went ahead and bought one

    • Foxsden said

      What a bizarre thing! I bet you look a treat wearing that!

  10. ben said

    if i added just the variator would it add to my top speed?

  11. Foxsden said

    Ben for the love of god read the post! For the benefit of anyone else thinking of leaving a comment question here:

    1. Read the post – it should answer your question

    2. If it doesn’t then try reading my other post on the topic – it’s linked in the post above.

    3. If you really have a valid question that is not answered in my blog post, I’m not adverse to answering questions and helping where I can with my limited knowledge so ask away. If you don’t get a response within a day or two it’s because the answer to your question is in the blog post. Stamp your forehead with ‘EPIC FAIL’. Because if you can’t read a blog post, then you can’t muster simple actions like walking and breathing at the same time and to be honest – 28mph IS FAST ENOUGH FOR YOU.

    • ben said

      Oh man, I’m such a guinea pig because thats what I am. Ive wasted my money and my time just so I can sit in my parents bathroom having a wank. for what? so I feel useful. look how much time I’ve spent wiping myself on my socks. its sad. for fuck sake it has rules?!!?! secondly suffolk is not in london, its not even in greater london, would you guess my bestest subject in school was geography?. thirdly i like the fact your picture only shows your pretty eyes and not your whole face, because that gives me something extra to wipe on my socks.
      iI WISH I HAD “CYBER FRIENDS” but I spend too much time stroking kittens and playing with myself
      btw 40mph is sooo fast, but not as fast as I can move my arm up and down in a rhythmic fashion.

      • foxsden said

        Good grief benny boy – you should get out more…

      • Zoomer-boy said

        As for you BEN!! arent you bizzare???
        Anyway, I’ve ordred the polini variator only and should hopefully get it this week. As soon as I’ve fitted it I’ll let you know about the results.
        By the way mate slow down on that arm or youre bound to break something off :O

  12. Zoomer-boy said

    O….M….G…. Fox can you plz just confirm with me was it actually “PM-Tuning” you used to get your bits from?? I’ve just been thruogh hell with theses guys!! Ordered the variator from them on 16/07/09 and after MANY a tall tale they finally “say” they’ve sent the goods today. If this was thier service I’ll not be ordering the rest of the kit from thรฉm!

    ofc I’m not blaming you, but wow, now I know what you went through…

    • foxsden said

      Chris I ended up getting my stuff from a bike shop locally after waiting for ages to get it through an online shop. I don’t remember who the online shop I ordered from was off the top of my head. As for the three letter word beginning with B. Don’t rattle his cage – I ended up putting moderation on my comments because of his twattiness and any comments he makes now just get automatically deleted since he’s too much of a special case to treat people nicely. I’ve taken the comment moderation off now, but if he returns it’ll go right back on again.

  13. Yorkie said

    Just installed the kit to my zoomer but when i hit about 31MPH the engine looses power like its cutting out.
    Any idea’s?

    • Foxsden said

      When you patched in the CDI did you use the little connector tubes that came with it?

      If so, how did you crimp them?

      • Yorkie said

        just with a pair of pliers
        Was this the wrong tool?
        Also peeps mention the ‘spacer’ removal but when i changed the rollers i didnt notice a spacer…am i being dumb?
        Thanks for any help you can give to help me to hit 40-45 you really would be a legand!

      • foxsden said

        It’s not the wrong tool it’s just doesn’t seem to be robust enough to crimp the connectors tightly enough. So it sounds like you’ve got loose connections going on.

        I had the same problem initially. So we went back in and took all the connections apart. Bought some better quality connectors from B&Q and used a proper purpose set of crimpers a bit like these: to squeeze them together. And then we taped around them with electrical tape (actually a friend used shrink wrap and a Creme Brulee torch to shrink it so it looks sweet – but either will do!!!)

        I didn’t have any trouble with it cutting out after that.

        I don’t remember anything about a spacer, I don’t think you’ve missed anything crucial!

  14. zoomerdude said

    WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!! FINALLY got my variator today!!!!!! fitted it and O.M.G. peeps if youre going to upgrade anything on yer ‘ped go for this one first its bot technical at all and it took me from a rather dangerous 25mph to a whopping 35mph. Now for ยฃ45 this is WELL worth it. I have no other upgrades on my ‘ped and i think it’ll stay that way for a bit.

    As for the spacer mate I can surely say youve missed nothing. The Zoomer does not have one like the piaggio does. My dealer took mine apart as a favour (to take my spacer out) and was also surprised that there is’nt one.

    BTW fox, can you email me as Id like to mention something our 40mph friend should not see or put moderartion on so he cant see and then let me know when its safe ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • fatpie1664 said

      Zoomerdude – Did you only fit The Polini Variator is part no. 241.626 ? Did you use the yellow and blue rollers as well? I’ve got a Zoomer and only need it go 35mph. I’m also clueless when it comes to techinal stuff like this – though foxsden has done a great job in helping.

      • Anonymous said

        Yip thats all i fitted. However I got only Blue weights (two sets). One set was 6.9g and the other set was 5.3g. I put them in as follows.
        6.9g, 5.3g, 6.9g, 5.3g, 6.9g… etc. Also look at how you install them one side of the weight is covered in the teflon coating and the other is not (you can see the metal on this side…) Here is a link that explains it well.

        And voila you should hit your 35mph no probs. Actually if you get a bit of downhill youll even see it hit 40mph

      • Fatpie1664 said

        I got the garage to fit the Polini Variator using the blue rollers that came with it. They did alternate them & bike goes 34mph now which is perfect as my trip to work is all in a 30 speed limit.

    • fatpie1664 said

      also hit the 40mph mark going down hill – should have done this ages ago.
      thanks for all the info.

  15. Anonymous said

    Oh and try this one too:

  16. Anonymous said

    Ok the fun has worn out. The polini only variator is not enough, I have ordered the complete kit this afternoon

    • Foxsden said

      LOL… I wondered how long it’d take. If you’re going to do it – do it all.. Let us know how you get on and make sure you buy a proper crimper tool for the wire connectors on that CDI unit. If you don’t get a good connection it’ll play up and you’ll end up pulling it all out which is a real ball-ache. YOU CAN NOT USE PLIERS TO CRIMP THE CONNECTORS.

      • Anonymous said

        BALL-ACHE!? Hey? LOL! What could you possibly know aboit ball-ache Hehe…? But ye thanx will be investing in a crimper this eve since last night my kit arrived. Would have fitted it last night but I went to go see Pearl Jam at the O2, was pretty good but I exspected better.

  17. Zoomerdude said

    HEEEEELP!!! I bough tthe kit and it says I must use the weights that are in the kit… Is this a must??? OR can I keep the heavier weights that came with thte variator??
    The variator weights are 6.3g and the weights that came with the kit are only 4g

    • Foxsden said

      Just follow the instructions in my blog post above and you won’t go wrong or be disappointed. You can’t and wouldn’t want to use the rollers you’ve got.

    • Foxsden said

      (Instruction No. 2 above)

  18. Zoomerdude said

    AAaaww man, the past weekend was an absulute blast. Four Dutchmen, 9 Englismen, 1 Aussie and a South African got together to create the worlds first intercontinental Zoomer meet. And did it go down a storm?
    Well… ofc it did. Met up at the Queens pub in Regents park at 14:00 on saturday, had a bit of a drive round London showing the dutchies the capital. We then stopped over at a rather “dark” little hole in Soho called “The Garlic and Shots” for a thirst quencher before heading home. On Satuday morning met up again rounds-a-bout 12:00 for another wee drive round town. before the Dutchies had to head back home to Amsterdam again.
    Myself and another Eglishman who I will only name as “Darthbuzz” thought it would be a nice gesture to our foreign friends if we took the ride with them at least to the ferry in Harwich. Yes it was a long UBER long ride, but I can add equally enjoyable.
    All I can say Fox is: “Wish you where there” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    With that I would also like to add that any that are interested in any future London and international zoomer meets plz visit:

    • Zoomerdude said

      Oops the Seconds Saturday was ofc actually really Sunday but hey there you go hey…

  19. Zoomerdude said

    Hey!…. HallOOOOOOooooo…. enybody there? Or has this forum stopped?

    • foxsden said

      Hey dude.. I’m here, sorry I forgot to reply to your last comment. That sounded wicked, Harwich isn’t far from me either I just wish I hadn’t been sat still on the M25 while some idiots decided to crash into eachother on the way back from the airport. Let me know if there’s another meet and I’ll try and make it – GOt to keep the girl quota up!

      • Zoomerdude said

        Pheew youre still alive thought forum ran dry… guess not ๐Ÿ™‚
        Yo Yo there is most definitly a meet coming up aka. “The Dam”

      • foxsden said

        LOL.. it’s not a forum! Just a comments box on the end of a blog post! I’ll check out that link.. cheers

  20. Zoomerdude said

    My latest mod:

  21. Zoomerdude said

    oops here:

  22. Mario Bang said

    Interesting stuff as I am thinking of getting a zoomer. Will it go in the back of a ford galaxy or will it bust the thing?

    Have any of you considered a Yamaha-ha Giggle as an alternative?


    • foxsden said

      Hi… Sorry I’ve never owned a Ford Galaxy, I guess if it went in standing up then you could… Although in my opinion to put a Honda Zoomer inside a Ford Galaxy would be like wrapping a Porsche in a Turd – you just shouldn’t do it.

      Re the Yamaha Giggle – I did see those at a bike show but that MASSIVE seat and storage space under it put me right off… it looks like it has a big fat ass. I don’t think it’s comparable in coolness by a long shot ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Zoomerdude said

    Just thought I’d ad this for those interested in meeting up rugularly:

  24. john said

    owner of mighty madass thinks zoomer brilliant bit of kit ,best to all !

  25. Ren said

    Anyone know where I can get a rear brake cable extension? I’ve fitted the 6.5″ frame extension but now the rear brake cable is too short!

  26. Zoomerdude said

    Cable Manufacturers?

  27. Zoomerdude said

    Hey Fox. did you see the weekend beeing planned for 28th of March to the ace cafe?

    • foxsden said

      Naw I hadn’t see that.. I’ve asked to see if anyone is going from this area… don’t fancy that trek at 40mph all on my own! Thanks for letting me know.

      • Zoomerdude said

        Ouch that IS a loooong way… Oh well… We’ll see you at some point I’m sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. rabbitswarren said

    love it, brilliant. loads of info and attention to detail. . ..
    do i need the exhaust or can I just fit the. . . . only joking, very well done.

  29. igorokfree said

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  30. Tommyzoomer said

    Hey could anyone pls tell me if you have to install a new variator in order for the Polini kit to work or will it run with the stock one? Sorry if this comes out to be a bit stupid but I dont know much about bikes ๐Ÿ™‚ I just need my Zoomer to run a little faster ๐Ÿ˜›

  31. Tommyzoomer said

    This is all really helpfull by the way Foxden. Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ˜€

  32. Hi there! This article couldn’t be written much better! Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I’ll forward
    this article to him. Fairly certain he’ll have a very good read. Many thanks for sharing!

  33. Gareck in Jersey said

    Thanks all for most of the above usfull comments , fitted full Polini kit from PM tuning who were helpfull and fast to supply used quality connectors on electrics , and am now trying out various combinations of rollers . Getting 42 mph ( speed check machine near home ) on flat , have fun all .

  34. When someone writes an piece of writing he/she retains the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can know it.
    Therefore that’s why this piece of writing is outstdanding.

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