Not Suitable For HGV’s

Does this wall make my lorry look fat?

Does this wall make my lorry look fat?

There is a little lane between my house and nearly every other place I ever need to go. This lane cuts about 2 or 3 miles off a journey into the main road that goes to the dual carriageway, superstore and my work. For this reason the narrow single track road is extremely popular with all other road users and equally unsuitable for large vehicles and lorries. There is even a sign at either end of the road that reads:


What does this mean?

It means that if you drive a massive 12 wheeler, double the height of a standard lorry, owned by SACKERS Recycling of Great Blakenham, Suffolk then it is perfectly OK for you to squeeze every other poor sod driving down that road sideways onto the mud embankment in order for you to barge your stupid oversized self through. What it also means is that by doing so you repeatedly hit branches from the trees forming a tunnel over the road making them loose, dangle precariously and then smash down in front of my car and on two occasions directly onto the bonnet of my car. Lucky for you there is no damage otherwise you’d have my angry ginger ass on your doorstep first thing tomorrow with a claim form in hand.

Nice to know that part of the environmental goodness you’re doing for the earth by recycling reuseable materials SACKERS, one of your complete NOUGHT drivers is undoing the good by smashing his way down a tiny country lane that would struggle to hold a horse and cart let alone an HGV.

Seems to me you need to start recycling driver training.



  1. Sarah said

    Send that photo to the Managing Directors.

    If they ignore it, send it to the environment agency department that issue their transport licences.

  2. foxsden said

    Oh don’t worry, that’s not the picture of the lorry that offended me! I was behind this one dodging falling branches so had no time to take a photo!

  3. Adrian Dodds(MD) Sackers Recycling said

    I came accross this by accident and completly agree.If one of my vehicles is using this as a cut through it is wrong, so perhaps you could let me know dates, times and vehicle registrations. In our defence we do deliver skips to household customers so there would be a genuine reason for using this lane. Unsuitable for HGV,s , does not mean “no access” for HGV,s. There are always times when my vehicles have to access tight spots. As you quite rightly pointed out your picture is not one of my vehicles. If this a regular occurence then I would like to know about it via direct contact with us. If you only mention it on your BLOG, we are less likely to be able to act upon it. We do not deliberately set out to annoy or offend.

    • Foxsden said

      Thanks for your comment Adrian. It’s the only time I’ve seen a Sackers lorry down there and on this occasion I ended up having to stop because one of the branches that fell in front of my car was too big to drive over or around and I had to get out and move it. Meanwhile the lorry got stuck further down the lane with a tractor – there was vehicle carnage for a few minutes but he got through and I got stuck there while the tractor came past – that’s why I didn’t get vehicle details. It was on Pound Lane – the little cut through from Bramford Road to Little Blakenham, which if you know the area – you know there are no houses to deliver to. It’s purely a shortcut. If it happens again I’ll definitely follow the lorry back to Claydon – As for the driver who had one of those massive and tall ‘roll on roll off’ skips on the back, he probably would have known he was taking a risk driving through there even if it isn’t a no-go for his vehicle, it was certainly too much for his load!


    Not Suitable For HGV’s | Fox's Den

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