Quick Catch Up

Sorry… I have been busy, busy, busy. To put busy into perspective in recent months I’ve claimed for about 37 extra time hours at work per month. In the last 4 weeks I racked up 54 extra hours. Longer hours at work mean later nights spent catching up on the mountains of stuff to do at home and less time to sit here and write my brain out in a post.

Since I’ve lost all idea of what’s been going on I’ll shoot for some bullet points:

CBT – Compulsory Basic Training on my scooter. I didn’t have to do it as I can ride a 50cc on my driving licence. However I did it so that I can now ride up to a 125cc with gears. The day was brilliant fun and I had no trouble adjusting to a clutch and gears. I found it really useful as it was a good refresher on parts of the highway code that have been updated since I learned to drive. I really recommend it to anyone who is currently riding on their car licence.

Cameron – is turning more and more into a stroppy teenager. The duration between nice kid and total arse gets shorter and shorter every day. If we all see the next 5 years through without killing eachother I’ll be amazed. This evening I took him rock climbing at the leisure centre. I’ve been desperate to get him to sink his teeth into something that he can focus on and distract him from placing his attention on something distructive and teenager-like. So far anything I’d suggested or tried, failed but this evening he came out of the rock climbing session full of beans and desperate to go back again. We’ll see how the next 6 weeks go.

I finally started back at the running club after nearly 6 months off with a damaged hamstring. It seems I’d pulled or torn the top of my hamstring last year and while I carried on running on it two of the muscles rubbed together and caused a scarring and thickening at the top them, below my bum. I’m now in training for a cycle enduro race in July – cue the next injury.

Wil – I don’t know.. I lost that man in a haze of bike parts, motorcycle forums and insulting remarks about our Mazda some time ago. He’s also training for the bike enduro race in July after having completed the first in the series and every once in a while I manage to con him into taking me to the fish shop for bits and pieces.

The Marine Tank. Tina the Clownfish is nearly 100% There is still some growing back needed on the end of her tail but it’s getting there slowly but surely. The tank is generally doing well and I’m at the point where I am looking for another Clown Fish to put in my quarantine tank for a few weeks before adding it to the tank with Tina.

Chickens. Seriously contemplating getting a pair of hens in the garden. I have space to build a coup/coop? I’m just doing all the reading up I can do now to make sure I know what I’m doing before taking the plunge. I’m looking forward not only to having them as pets, but also the eggs and the poo for my compost. I think they’ll make a great addition to the place.



  1. mrs hojo said

    ok. I’ll let you off this time :o)


  2. Wes said

    Get the chickens!!! Seriously, very easy to keep and don’t require a lot. It’s worth every penny and time to have a few.

  3. Foxsden said

    LOL says the man who had his entire coop decapitated by a fox 🙂

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