This Will Come Back To Bite Me In The Arse

pairYou shouldn’t really feel utter jubilation, relief and the bursting desire to do a little dance in the kitchen when someone tell’s you someone is splitting up with their wife should you? Especially when you actually like the partner in question. And they’ve never been nasty to you. No, I know… it was bang out of order but I just couldn’t contain myself when Wil gave me the news. I stopped chopping cucumber for our sandwiches, stared blankly out of the window at the road for a second or two and then, knife in hand proceeded to move in a way that could only summons rain from the sky. With a little bit of jazz hand action and some verbal ‘cha cha cha’s’ thrown in for good measure I cut circles on the lino flooring until Wil called me an evil shit.

I don’t see what’s so evil about looking forward to having 6 more parking spaces outside the front of my house?



  1. mrs hojo said

    Not what you would wish on someone, but an end to the parking tragedy??? yay


  2. Vic said

    I think I would’ve done the same.

  3. Mrs BN said

    hee – there is a deity looking down on you from somewhere then!?!

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