chickens We spent the afternoon building a chicken coop. There is a large patio area at the top of  the garden which we never use. We placed the shed up there last year when we created the driveway at the side of the house and our washing line is up there. Even though it’s a nice patio area it’s not somewhere you’d want to sit because being at the top of the hill in our garden it feels exposed and uncomfortable.  It’s also next to the hedge between our garden and the ‘Junkyard J’s’ next door and he likes to work inside a shed on the other side which means you have to sit there listening to his phone calls. Therefore we felt this was the perfect place to keep a couple of chickens.

I’ve been toying with the idea for ages so I read some books, spoke to loads of people who have experience and spent hours trawling through websites until I got to a point where I felt like I’d been keeping chickens for years. Anything I don’t now know about keeping Chickens is not worth knowing. However, what Wil and I know about woodwork could be written on the back of a matchbox!  We found the perfect chicken house at a local timber merchant/animal feed supplier and decided it’d be cheaper to buy it than build our own. As it happens the one on display was the last one so the guy offered to let us take it and gave us a discount. We shoved it in the back of the van and made our way home armed with some timber and wire to build the run.

Since I’m not interested in finding our chickens reduced to feathers by a Fox on the garden in the morning and definately not looking to feed the local rats the run we’re building will be Fox and rodent proof. Unfortunately construction got rained off today so we couldn’t finish it. However, I’ll report back with photos and pictures of the girls when we’ve got them home this week.


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