Here Come The Girls

Introducing the newest members of Foxsden….

Susan and Wendy


Susan is a Bluebell and Wendy is part Speckledy, both hybrids and both chosen because of the way they were alert and curious in their coop at the breeders. This pair took no time in coming up to the fence to give me an eyeing up and down muttering little throaty clucks while doing so.

They spent a very quiet time squeezed up in a cardboard box in the back of the van on the way home. When we arrived here I took them one by one out of the box inside the shed, just in case things got mad and had a little cuddle before placing them in the coop we spent the weekend building. After several minutes of looking around inspecting their new joint they began kicking about the bark chips I’d covered the floor in and started pecking at bits and pieces.

IMG00002-20090608-2121They are about 18 weeks old and nearly at the point of lay. The chap we bought them from said he didn’t think it’d be long before one of them started laying eggs, so here we are like expectant parents awaiting the first egg announcement. How eggciting.

At 9pm as it started to get a little darker they put themselves to bed inside the hen house leaving my only job to close the little ramp door up to keep them safe from the foxes.

Albeit, the only Fox they really have to worry about on this occasion is the small blonde one who will shoot out there in his dressing gown at the crack of dawn to lift up the roof of the hen house and have a nosey inside.


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