Wendy had her first loud verbal flip out this morning when she caught site of something in the hedge that she didn’t like the look of. She immediatetly ran to the other end of the coop where she began shouting in standard chicken format ‘buck, buck, buck BAGERRRRK’. Susan wandered in circles around her trying to figure out what the hell the fuss was about.

I’ve been taking small treats with me each time I’ve gone to see them so that they associate me with nice things. I’m hoping this will make it easy when I need to get them back in their coop before they’re ready when they freerange around the garden.

Wendy appears to be the braver one of the pair. She’s very alert and curious and usually the first to try something new. Susan often just follows the lead and looks like shes in a state of permanent surprise at everything around her. ‘WOW, hen house’. ‘WOW, water’. ‘WOW, other end of this space’. ‘WOW, hen house’… rinse and repeat.

I’ve found they like boiled potatoes, porridge, raisins, yogurt (messy) and their favourite treats so far are flaked almonds and walnuts! The yogurt and the porridge were battle of wills. They really seemed to like the taste yet were not at all keen on that wet mess on thier beaks. Hence there was a lot of flicking and head shaking going on which has left both of them smothered in small white yogurty dots all over their feathers.

We still haven’t had any eggs but we are expecting to wait a few weeks before that starts anyway.

In the meantime on my quest for information on chickens I’ll leave you with this:



  1. Lindy said

    You certainly are always a surprise! Never know what to expect next? Good luck with the egg thing. But I thought you had to have a rooster to get eggs.

    • fox@racefox.com said

      You need a rooster to get chicks otherwise the eggs that come out would never hatch into anything. Which is good as I neve feel like I’m eating a potential baby chicklet baby

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