shakyIt was hard to get away from the main topic of conversation today – Michael Jackson’s untimely sudden death. This afternoon sat in the reception area of the motorcycle training school I go to was no exception. I relayed my surprise at having heard nothing about Farrah Fawcett’s death until much later in the day since it’d been overshadowed by the news of Jackson. The receptionist laughed and said she’d been about to mention it to me and my instructor who was stood opposite me finishing his coffee, but felt we were probably both too young to remember who she was.

My instructor was thoughtful for a second and then queried if she’d been the woman on The Good Life but the receptionist shook her head and informed him that was Felicity Kendall and that Farrah Fawcett was most popular for Charlies Angels. I smiled and informed them both that Felicity Kendall had been Wil’s childhood crush. My instructor smiled and said his childhood crush was Samantha out of Bewitched.

I kept quiet as I didn’t think anyone needed to know that my kid crush was Shakin’ Stevens.


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