Frustration Is…

kevin_teenager_270Asking the boy to get up. Five times.
While he grunts and moans attempting to find a valid reason why he shouldn’t get up I’m wondering what it is that springs him out of bed at 0655 on a weekend. Because if we have to shout down the stairs for him to turn that bloody telly down once, we do it a hundred times. As much as I love Spongebob Squarepants there is a limit to how many back to back episodes I can tollerate while I’m having a lie-in.

Arguing the fact he needs to have a shower. I KNOW – it’s outrageous, the 2nd one this week I’m forcing him into.

Having the same argument about changing of socks and pants.

Answering ‘Yes’ when asked if I’ve opened the Guinea-Pigs cage to let them into the run only for him to look out of the window and say ‘No you haven’t’ when I know full well that I physically walked myself out of the door this morning, across the dewey grass and let both the pigs and the chickens into their runs. ‘Yes I did’,  ‘no you haven’t – it’s not open’, ‘yes it is, I opened it’, ‘no you haven’t – why aren’t they out then?’, ‘they just don’t want to come out yet I suppose’, watches as two guinea pigs emerge from their cage and begin eating grass. The boy shrugs and walks off without.

Being asked (while I’m eating my breakfast) if I can alter a pair of his trousers and make them into shorts. What, NOW?

Finishing my breakfast and then taking said trousers to make alterations only not being able to find the WonderWeb to iron the hems up. Leaving the trousers in a semi-complete state on the iron board, inside-out, hems ironed up into position but not stuck.

Watching the boy parade out of the other room with the shorts on, right-side out and the newly pressed hems now dangling down after being told they were not finished when he’d asked me ‘are they finished?’

I swear if he wasn’t the only chance I have of not being thrown into a cabbagey old peoples home when I’m 57 I’d sell him.



  1. Mrs BN said

    ahhhh I’m so looking forward to this part…..

  2. New York Daily News

    Frustration Is

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