Woot! on TwitpicI passed my motorcycle theory test this morning with a surprising score, 49/50 on the first part and 66/75 on the hazard perception.  I thought it was about to go bad again when I walked in and the woman asked for both parts of my licence. This time I produced the highly sought after photocard and the paper half of my licence and then she fired the next question at me. What was my address… I told her the address on my licence but she looked at her screen and asked – have you got another address? So I told her my actual home address explaining that the address on my licence is my mums address and that I keep it registered at her house because there is always someone there should I get knocked off my bike or in a car accident, the police will be able to contact someone. Unlike at my house where they’d find no one.

There was a small hesitation in which it looked like I was about to have both parts of my licence handed back to me and told that I couldn’t take the test because I clearely have too much initiative. However, she handed me my licence back and said ‘although you’re supposed to have your licence addressed to your address, that’s a good idea in my opinion! Here’s a key – put everything you’ve got on you in that locker and proceed through the door to your left’.

Through the door there was a younger dark haired lady who looked a little more friendly as she smiled and requested my licence card. She was sat in a glass box on the edge of a room with 10 peoples backs facing her from individual cubicles. She confirmed the type of test I was doing and then directed me through another door into the room to a cubicle at the end. When I arrived at the chair the screen had my name on it, I pressed ‘NEXT’

The theory test has two parts to it, a multiple question section of which you must score a minimum of 44 out of 50 and a video Hazard Perception section where you watch 14 video clips as the operator of a vehicle and you must click the mouse to identify 15 hazards that transpire as you drive along. You are scored on your speed in identifying the hazards as well as your clicks to register hazards you thought to worsen as you got closer. (See more on this here Utterly pointless and vague test in my opinion, I mean I passed but I’d say it was more out of luck than judgement. Never mind – they got their £62 for my pleasure.

Now I have to wait for the two practical tests I have to do to pass completely and at some pointby next summer I may be licenced to ride a motorcycle on the road. Never let it be said that the UK Government makes mountains out of molehills.



  1. mrs hojo said

    yay well done :o)


  2. Vic said

    Well done!

  3. Sarah said

    Well Done!

  4. foxsden said

    Thank you ladies, I’m so relieved that bit is over

  5. Mrs BN said

    yay 🙂 I’m late but I bring Yays 🙂

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