Just Wondering….

I read this post on Speak You’re Branes blog and it made me wonder where exactly the line is drawn between being a total racist and just wanting stricter regulations on immigration in your country. It seems that these days if you suggest you don’t like the copious amounts of foreigners pouring into the country you live in YOU’RE A RACIST. Or if you have views on tightening up the laws concerned with people moving to your country YOU’RE A RACIST. And if you don’t like the fact that entire areas of your town have become ‘no-go’ zones to the generations who have lived there for decades because they are all now dominated by a particular race who have moved there from another country then you aren’t just concerned with the way your government is handling the influx of people seeking assylam, or troubled by the amount of illegal immigration – no. Clearly YOU’RE A RACIST.

Why the fuck can’t anyone have an opinion on what’s going on with the western worlds sudden popularity as a place to run and hide and be turned into a fragmented oasis of another country without being branded a racist? I’m all for culture and freedom to move around the world without restriction and if anything I really wish the town nearest me would do something useful with it’s huge population of Polish, Afgan and whoever else. Why don’t they make an effort to integrate them into society more than they do? Why don’t they bring their qualities out and share the wealth of great tasting food and services they have to offer instead of allowing them to coop themselves up in one horrid seedy district where they hang around all day fucking everyone off and making the place uncomfortable where it used to be open and safe feeling.



  1. Alex said

    I’d say the line depends heavily on exactly why you want the heavier regulation: If it’s simply to do with population levels, that’s not racist, though birth and death rates should be at least equally high up your list of worries, as should emigration. Similarly, if it’s to do with the administrative problems immigration causes that’s not really to do with race, though then surely the more practical solution would be to finally make our methods of organising administrative borders compatible with the age of air-travel.

    Even if it’s to do with strain on the job market and public services that’s not really racist in and of itself, though you should ask yourself very carefully why you think some people deserve access to those posts and services and some don’t, based solely on accident of birth. But if it has anything in the slightest to do with changing cultural and ethnic demographics then yes, that is indisputably racist.

    So to take the example you started with, if your worries are things like “changing the population of this country” or your demands are “we’re white, we’re native British, and we want OUR country back” then it’s quite clear what side of the line you are on.

    Also, it takes about two minutes of research to find out what nasty, racist, violent, anti-Semitic, authoritarian Nazi-sympathisers were elected in the North West and North East on the 4th June. Of course, voting for them doesn’t necessarily make you a racist, but the only other excuse is that you are an idiot.

    Similarly, your worries about areas being “dominated by a particular race” (unless that race is white, which it overwhelmingly is throughout the continent), the fact that it’s “foreigners” fluxing in and your being fucked off and uncomfortable over the mere existence of Poles and Afghans, well, I’d put those gripes on the same side of the line as I’d put Nick “Holohoax” Griffin.

  2. foxsden said

    Lots of good points there.. a lot to digest, hence I don’t have a response right off the bat!. THanks for your comment

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