Not Healthy OR Safe

I’ve been trying not to get sweary. But I FUCKING hate health and safety wankers and everything they stand for. I’m sure at some point I’ll eat my words when someone points me out to be contradicting myself but you know, they take this crap too far.

Apparently, to prevent Legionnaires Disease bacteria in our water at work H&S instructed the office manager to get the water hot water temperature turned up to 5 million degrees celsius. She did this, without following the second instruction which was to warn all employees so that no one scolded themselves.

What do you think I did this morning after eating my porridge at my desk?

Yep, washed up the bowl.

What do you think happened when I stuck both hands under the hot water tap?

That’s right, I threw the bowl and spoon down in the sink, shouted ‘FUCK’ loudly and jumped back in shock. After turning the tap off, without thinking I grabbed the spoon which was still sat in the bottom of the sink but instantly threw it down again because it was not unlike grabbing a spoon made of red hot glowing magma.

At this point my thumb and two fingers on my left hand were stinging so I ran them under cold water.

There were various people involved in this cluster fuck – one of whom I hold unaccountable for the situation as they’d have acted on instructions if they’d been charged with them. Another who is a completely clueless fuckwit who walks around with his head up his arse (for the particular person who I know reads my blog from work – this is not you), and the other who is a job dodging useless twit who persistantly creates a mess of their work and is bloody fortunate to have someone who is switched on to go around clearing up after them making them look rather good. If this person were a car they’d be a Rover.  Fucking crap.

I’m really fed up with this person. I took on a job from them back in April which I am still working on despite having had the 37 hour per week help of a temp to do much of it for me for the last 3 months. This person let this job get into such a bad state that it’s likely to take several more months before it’s anywhere near manageable. This is only one job out of plenty more that they’ve been responsible for so there is an entire plethora of shit out there just waiting for some other unlucky sod to sort out. There’s also a butt load of bad feeling amongst other people that work with this person but unfortunately in local government you can be a useless sack of crap and nothing ever gets done about it.

So, I’ve ranted off on a tangent. More to the point my fingers are still sore.  I’ve been able to tolerate this person’s slackness but I draw the line at getting hurt because of it. War on.



  1. mrs hojo said

    bangs head against wall

    hope it cools down soon, if it still hurts it isn’t too late to get a burn spray, they really work.


  2. Sarah said

    People are utterly stupid.

    If they are going to keep the hot water at 50+ degrees as advised to kill legionella then (ideally) they should install thermostatic mixers at the sinks/showers etc to prevent what happened to you. This is also stated in the HSE advice.

    A warning sign would be a start though…

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