Class of 2009

SG1S1053Today is Cameron’s last day at Primary School and after the summer holiday in September he’ll go to High School.  He’s really pulled it out of the bag in the last couple of years at his lovely little primary school. He’s had a teacher he gets on well with and the school has had a Head Mistress with really good values and a fantastic way of working with the kids and because of their hard work together he got some good results in his report and end of year SAT exams. Being a very small school it’s friendly and quite close knit so I’m really sad in a way to see him lose that when he goes up to the high school next term.

Yesterday the kids did their Leavers Assembly and chose (before he actually died) to do a Michael Jackson theme! It was good fun and fortunately because of the upbeat nature of the songs I think most parents managed to keep dry eyes! The same couldn’t be said for Cam’s teacher!

Part of the assembly was dedicated to each kid to show a couple of slides of photos of them growing up and give them a chance each to read out a letter full of their best memories of primary school. Here’s Cameron (dressed partially in MJ style clothing) reading his memories which included having a fab time at the school trip to JCA in Hayling Island and many other classroom antics with friends.

The only thing missing from the assembly, dissapointly, is that Cameron didn’t make any mention to his teacher about being able to do a perfect moonwalk! Next time I’ll get in there for him!

(The other kids do have faces but I haven’t asked for permission to put them on the net, hence they have been blurred)


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