Highs and Flus

Not THAT kind of swine!

Not THAT kind of swine!

With an incubation period of 2-5 days I get the feeling it was the trip to the airport to drop the boy off that loaned the Swine Flu experience. Helped along by my physical exertion on the Sunday which left me wide open in the susceptibility stakes I have been knocked out with Swine Flu all week.

On Sunday evening after the race I felt a familiar scratchiness in my throat and although I was fairly certain it was the beginnings of a cough starting, I wondered if it could have been a bit of soreness from breathing so hard that my heart rate monitor stopped counting BPM at the top of one of the race climbs I’d taken a bit too fast!

On Monday morning I felt ok, if a bit achey which was understandable since I’d raced the previous day. However, throughout the day at work the cough began to surface a little more frequently and annoyingly, I started not being able to concentrate on what I was doing and by 3:30pm I had to call it a day. I had a headache, my legs started aching in the bone which made it impossible to sit still in a chair at a desk and I felt like if I was going down with something it’d be crappy to drag everyone else in the office down too. I went home. I placed myself on the sofa with a blanket for the rest of the evening and refused dinner, despite not eating all of my lunch I didn’t have any appetite.

On Tuesday morning I felt horrendous. My back, arms and legs all felt like each muscle and joint had been taken out, trampled on by a herd of elephants and put back in. And under the muscle the bones had a dull and uncomfortable ache resonating through them. No position I put myself in gave any relief. My temperature had gone up to around 40c and I lay there sweating, but feeling cold. The cough was at it’s worse and only served to make my stomach feel like it was going to rupture through the skin. Each muscle felt like a potato and with each cough the whole sack of spuds knocked hell out of each other and the surrounding organs. Temperature remained high despite taking Paracetamol and Lemsip, the aches were still in full force, the headache had cloaked my brain and face and I still hadn’t eaten anything. To make it worse my lungs had both become fuzzy and thick feeling creating a sensation that there was only a small pocket the size of a fist in each one with which to inhale into and this made my breathing shallow, wheezy and fast. Wil called the doctor and the NHS hotline and confirmed Swine Flu.

Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday but the cough began to ease off a little.

Thursday I was finally able to stomach food albeit a little bowl of porridge for breakfast and a solitary piece of steamed Salmon for dinner! In the morning I hadn’t felt any better than the previous days but by the afternoon it seemed like the clouds might be clearing.

Today I’m up and dressed. I’ve yet to eat and I feel like I have a really nasty cold complete with a chesty cough and a backache, but it’s a marked improvement. Thankfully Wil was able to work from home all week which was initially his decision but then enforced by the fact his office didn’t want him in when he’d been in contact with Swine Flu, understandably!

Wil’s presence at home was also a saving grace yesterday when he walked through the dining room to get a spoon for my cough medicine and stopped dead with both feet in a puddle of water.  Great timing for our 180L Tropical Fish Tank to spring a leak. He relocated the fish to  a large Tupperware storage container and emptied the tank to stop further leakage. There’s a little job for when I’m feeling better!



  1. glowstars said

    Glad you’re starting to feel a bit better now. Get well soon.

  2. mrs hojo said

    aww seems like almost everyone in the UK I know online has had it now!

    hope you feel better soon

  3. Lindy said

    Bummer, swine flu & a tank leak. no fun for either of them. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hope your tank heals as easily.

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