Cheaper Shopping

groceriesI just stumbled across a cool website.

I often shop online for food so I looked into using this site. It allowed me to import all my favourites from my Tescos list, create a shopping list and then gave me several ways that I could swap the items in my trolly for similar items of better value thus saving me money.  My initial shopping list was £98 after I’d carried out several swaps for alternative brands, sizes, weights and specials I knocked £16 off that price. From there it allows you to purchase your list online. Also at the top of the screen it shows the amount you’d spend if you were shopping at one of 3 other supermarkets. I was surprised to learn that my Tescos shopping was cheaper than if I were buying the same items at Asda.

Give it a a go even if you don’t shop online, you can always write the list down and take it to the shop with you.



  1. Sarah said

    I tried that site, it confirmed that Asda is slightly cheaper than Tesco. But, as I suspected, only by the things it doesn’t stock. That we then have to go Tesco for anyway…

    And I prefer Florence and Fred to George…

  2. Foxsden said

    Shopping is a funny thing because there are people at work who swear blind their shopping is cheaper at Sainsburys than it is at Tesco. Whenever I buy the same or similar stuff at Sainsburys I’ll easily add £20 on my bill. It’s very subjective to what your diet is and the food/products you buy. For the most part I’m not brand specific so it doesn’t matter where I buy stuff – but if I’ve got to go into the shop, then I’ll choose Tesco over Asda anyday!

  3. Mrs BN said

    I shop online sometimes so I am going to have a look at that you know 🙂

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