Final Test

I passed my motorbike test. The second part is all conducted on the road and I was confident of my abilities to pass that section, therefore I wasn’t nervous when I went off with the examiner. When I returned to the test centre after about an hour I had no idea if I’d passed or failed. Nothing had gone terribly wrong but I knew I hadn’t ridden perfectly either so it was a great surprise when I got the good news. And a huge relief that I didn’t have to stress over that for another couple of months while I waited for another test date.

I got Wil to bring his bike, a Honda CBR600, home from Watford at the weekend. I was hoping I might be able to use it a couple of times per month in order to keep my hand in so I don’t lose my nerve since I don’t have my own motorbike. However, being a sports bike it has what I find a really awkward riding position and by the time I’d taken it 7 miles around ‘the block’ my wrists were nearly at the point of failure and I could hardly control the clutch and front brake anymore! Glad to say, I’m not really a sports bike girl but it does leave me in a bit of a quandry as I wasn’t planning on getting my own bike just yet. As per usual my taste is a little obscure and with obscure comes ‘expensive’. The wish list is as follows:

bonnevilleclassicv7 cafethruxton

As I said, that’s the ‘WISH’ list. In reality for now, may see if I can find something like a Honda Hornet to ding and scrape my experience away on.



  1. Little brother said

    Well done on the pass! If you do go nuts and splash out extravagantly (which judging by sounds quite possible) then mine’s one of these please…

    • foxsden said

      I like those too.. but it is quite a boyish bike. It could well be no. 5 on the list though. I’ve just been told I’ll have to get rid of my scooter if I have a bike. What kind of bloody choice is THAT!

  2. Lindy said

    Those are nice bikes. But what a crapper of a choice. I love your scooter.

  3. Lindy said

    BTW.. congrats on passing the final.

  4. Sarah said

    Still got red hair? Then you need a Vincent Black Lightening.

    (When you win the lottery, or get really good at building them out of a bag of bits…)

    • foxsden said

      That’s a wicked looking bike… right up my street!

  5. Vic said

    Well done you!

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