First Day At High School

'Oh God MUM, hurry up and take the picture'

'Oh God MUM, hurry up and take the picture'

I can’t quite get my head around this boy going off to High School today.  It doesn’t seem 5 minutes ago he was knee high waddling around the living room in his undies licking plugs and stroking the electric sockets on the walls. Ok he’s not knee high anymore however, it’s hard to say that much else has changed.

As ever the organiser I wanted to make sure everything was ready to go for his first day. School Uniform was purchased and name labelled, PE Kit aquired, trainers still fit, new socks in the drawer, bag emptied and refilled with pencil case and dinner money. Cam even remembered to find the map of the school building he’d been given at the end of term. Bus pass in hand it’d be an early start out of the door for the 7.50am bus. That’s 50 minutes earlier than before.

‘In my day’ after walking to school uphill, in the snow, both directions, with no shoes and a 3 stone bag on my back we arrived at secondary school with a barrell load of rumours and fears churning in our stomachs. A favourite of the rumour mongers was that the older kids treated you on your birthday by holding you upside down and flushing your head in the toilet. A prospect that I wasn’t so much worried about the toilet as I was the thought of water going up my nose while I was upside down and note to self – wear trousers on my birthday. Thank god my January birthday was in an allocated trouser wearing term.

You’d turn up at this place each morning to a rowdy yard full of badly dressed teenagers doused in hormones and just hope like hell you’d spot someone you knew cowering around the edges of the building so you didn’t have to stand on your own. Goodbye little diddy classrooms with minature chairs,  brightly coloured melamine tables, named coat pegs and last weeks tissue paper collages on the wall. Hello pissed off looking teachers, detention and toting your weighty bag full of crap around with you all day because some bugger will have it if you take your eyes off it. There’s no ‘Lost Property’ here, it’s all ‘Permanently Borrowed’.

Yes, I was definately more nervous than Cam this morning.

But no, no.. where was I going with this? – Its’ all different now. The primary schools now spend so much time over the years leading up to this transfer by blending the schools and kids together on every occasion possible. Cam has been to the new school on countless occasions for sports events, Science Fayres and Awards Ceremonies and with it being a local village school a lot of the kids there live in the neighbouring villages or attended his old primary.

Cam waltzed into the school like he barges into his own bedroom. Past kids twice his height and groups of teenagers gathered in bundles that I didn’t even want to drive past with my doors locked. Before disappearing through the double door entrance to the school hall he turned around and waved me off with a big smile.

Since he was 6 weeks old I’ve introduced him to three new Nurseries and we’ve shared 3 first days at different Primary Schools but today was the day I felt the proudest and I was glad to be there watching him from a short distance confidently walk off and not be embarrassed to give me a big wave infront of all those big kids. I drove off with a smile on my face.

I even let the fact he missed the school bus on his first day go!



  1. Little Brother said


    It starts here. You will both age incredibly over the next 5 years 😉

  2. Sarah said

    When I started secondary school I thought every one had to catch a bus at 7.50. That’s just what happens when you go to Big School.

    My first term I had hockey and Home Ec on the same day. That was just cruel to small 11 year olds.

    We didn’t have introductory visits either, just started earlier the first day than the other years so there was time for some (scarily grown up) sixth formers to give us tours.

  3. Vic said

    He missed the bus on the first day? This doesn’t bode well for your petrol bill!

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