A Day In The Week In The Month In The Year

boredfrustratedpink-41-main_FullAn allsorts sort of day whereby it didn’t know whether to rain or shine so it blew – hard, and waited for me to leave work on my scooter before trying desperately to rain.

My workmate brought a massive bag full of clothes in for Cameron. I strapped them to the back of the scoot with my cargo net and set off down the road, only the large item on the back acted like a big sail which caught the wind and nearly sent me flying into the water meadow when I crossed the bridge above it.

I did not achieve smugness this morning when I thought I’d outfox British Telecom who had closed the short-cut lane through to my office. Figured by taking my scooter instead of the car I could squeeze through the closure and past the work they were doing. Turns out the closure that was still in place last night was cleared early this morning so I could have driven through afterall. No need to have frozen my wotnots off in the icy wind. Not much of an advantage being a Street Works Coordinator if they’re going to finish the job early and scupper my chances to flaunt the rules.

Had one of those days where I chose crappy bad foods over the healthy alternatives in my lunch box. James’ birthday meant cakes were there for the taking in the kitchen – so I took. Then Chocolate Orange was offered around and I ate two segments. Then I didn’t really want my lunch but I ate it anyway. And then, I felt sick.

The stiff calf I had last night after running disappeared but was replaced by its fat nasty cousin – the old hamstring pull. I’m guessing sub-consciously I compensated for the more recently injured left hamstring injury and ended up rearing the ugly head of an old friend. So here we go again. One day I’ll get back to running without problems. Perhaps. Right about the same time Satan goes to work on ice skates.

My mind was in the clouds all day, anything became more appealing than working. Also noticed someone had dropped a bollock and removed the website blocking software on the works servers – HELLO SOCIAL NETWORKING! Although, after initially finding out, I didn’t really bother.

Upon discovering a member of my department had taken her 6th consecutive Friday in a row off without A: Telling anyone (not even the boss) or B: Logging it as holiday I got super fucked off and decided to bugger off half an hour early only my boss then called to chat and I ended up there 15 minutes later than the normal kick off time.

At home the house was empty. Cameron had been taken to Parkour class. I had enough time to check on the Guinea Pigs and Chickens and write a list before Wil returned to pick me up to go shopping.

Whilst deciding between Mange Tout and Sugar Snap Peas at Tescos our car number plate was announced over the PA system. Wil stopped dead with massive eyes like he’d just discovered he’d forgotten to wear trousers and charged over to the customer service desk. Turns out the car key had fallen through a hole in his pocket and had come to a resting place on the tarmac in the carpark. Some excellent person had found it, pressed the button to see which car it belonged to and handed it in with our vehicle reg details. Wil then spent the rest of the shopping trip moaning about why the inconsiderate bugger hadn’t put us out of our misery and stolen the bloody thing.

On the way home Wil told Cam not to eat the entire bag of Pick’n’Mix sweets he’d been bought. Cam said that he had no intention of doing so and that he was going to save some for tomorrow. Wil asked what percentage was left in the bag to which Cam replied “48%”. Wil asked him to leave 45.5% so after he finished his mouthful Cam bit a cola bottle in half in order to make the .5% and closed the bag. He then remarked on how he’d had a conversation with Wil earlier about washing a swastika drawing off his arm. Not knowing the meaning behind the logo Cam was oblivious to the offensiveness of it – which is a little bit ironically funny coming from a blonde haired/blue eyed child with German ancestry… if ever ‘Aryan race’ applied…

We passed the small town electrical goods shop where our friend Sam works. We both looked in the window and Wil pointed out Sam didn’t appear to be working. I recalled a time where I’d been talking to Sam and said I’d driven past the shop and seen him on his hands and knees on the shop floor looking under a washing machine. Sam had quickly replied “I was probably trying to find my soul”. It cracks me up every time I think about it.

Shopping unloaded, cosy place on the sofa, G&T on the go. Hello weekend.


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