Continuing On The Angry Theme

List of people to push off the edge of the earth when I find the edge:

Those who refer to their iPhone as their ‘iPhone’ instead of calling it A PHONE. Because that just wouldn’t make you sound important enough would it?

Don’t get me wrong – I like iPhones and let me also partially excuse Wil out of this equation since he has no less than 3 phones on the go (it’s hard to keep up with a harem of women with one line of communication). Until now he called them ‘work phone’/’home phone’ but now the iPhone has arrived ‘work phone’ and ‘home phone’ have been added to by ‘iPhone’. Using it as a description to differentiate it from others of the same ilke, acceptable. Pointing it out just so you can mention you have one = FAIL.

For a good example of what I’m urking about, see here:

I know, I’ve just stooped low enough to slag off another blogger. I apologise – I like that blog and that person… it’s this name branding fad thing and she happens to do it a lot with her PHONE.

Anyway, as soon as I’ve finished my Scotts I’m rockin’ the Mazda down to Ipswich for a meeting. Catch me on my Blackberry you muthas.



  1. mrs hojo said

    Catch you on my Samsung doesn’t quite have the same smug appeal does it? Am I the only person in the world who just has a mobile?



  2. mrs hojo said

    p.s. she just said iphone again

    hee hee

  3. Sarah said

    It’s in the contract isn’t it? Thou hast purchased an Apple product, thou shalt mention it by name at all possible moments.

    (Just don’t mention that you had to jail-break it to make it useful..)

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