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Half Of You – Cat Power

If you haven’t listened to Cat Power, you should….. here’s a start

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Such A Good Tune

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PMS Has A Lot To Answer For

pms1I’ve been a bit of a bastard today. It all started so well where I woke up early and felt awake. The house was lovely and warm so I didn’t get grumpy getting showered and dressed in the cold and I even convinced myself to bike to work since it looked a nice morning.

Deciding IN THE MORNING to bike to work is never a good idea because if I haven’t got crap organised the night before you can count on it being a real cluster-f*ck trying to find stuff I need. As it turned out I only needed to return to the house from the garage 4 times to collect bits and pieces. What did nearly taint the morning is that my rear red flashing light had disappeared from my seat post. I was sure I’d left it on the bike but thought perhaps I’d taken it in the house with me last time I rode. Riding home without this light was not an option so if I couldn’t find it, biking was not going to be an option. I searched all over the place letting myself back in the house twice to check in different places I’d normally keep the light. Nowhere to be found.

Just as I gave up and shoved my bike back in the garage I caught sight of my light – AFFIXED TO WIL’S BIKE. The amount of times I’ve come to my bike to find it missing parts like PEDALS, LIGHTS and WHEELS – yes, he’s even pikey’d the sodding wheels out of my bike at one point, I couldn’t believe I didn’t think to look there first. (For the record William – I’m SO on Cameron’s side next time he’s nicked your stuff and left it in his room)

Ready to spit fire I grabbed my light, affixed it to my bike and stormed off down the road. Fortunately the magic of riding to work did it’s job and by the time I got there I was in a great mood.

The ride home in the winter is never as great as the ride in – usually it’s colder, it’s always darker and my legs have the remnants of the morning ride still in them. It’s also subtly uphill most of the way. So when I came flying down the final decline which I use to give me a boost sprint for the home stretch, reaching a speed of 30mph you can imagine how bloody inconvenient it was when one of the cars that had just passed me got just around the corner out of sight and appeared to be indicating to turn into a driveway – only it didn’t – it stopped dead just before the driveway.

Whilst cycling in the pitch darkness it’s a little difficult to assess the speed of a vehicle in front of you which explained my screeching halt inches from the car bumper since I’d figured she was pulling into the driveway. Moving to the side of the car I shouted at the window – “what the hell are you doing?” The woman inside the car wound the window down, stared at me blankly and replied in an arsey tone “can’t you see I’ve got my indicator on?”. “Yes” I replied, “but if you were going to stop so soon, why overtake me in the first place?”. The woman just stared at me, someone else in the car didn’t say anything. I pulled my pedal back around and blasted “use some common sense next time” and cycled off with a scowl.

That’s when I wondered – Had she actually been one of the cars that’d passed me just before the bend or had she been stopped there the whole time? Maybe she’d broken down..

I felt like such an arsehole. And then I thought – WELL she should have had her hazards on if she was stopped there and not turning! Who indicates left and stops just short of a left turn IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FREAKIN COUNTRY IN A 60MPH ZONE IN THE DARK? Answer is no one, unless they’re looking for a lambasting from an out of breath, red faced, angry PMS’ing ginger.

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Photos From Oslo

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Warning – pictures involve lots of nudey statues in comprimising positions..

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