Taking The Piss

I had to ditch the Running Club sprinting session briefly this evening to answer the dire and URGENT call of nature. Unfortunately in my haste to get to the end of THE LONGEST PISS IN THE WORLD whilst squatting in a patch of woodland between a main road and an office block – trying to dodge car headlights and nighttime dog walkers, I managed to pee on the back of my trousers and partly in my shoe. Thank goodness they were black trousers and it was dark. What’s that? More info than you needed?



  1. Wes said

    Well at least you don’t have to worry about that athletes foot anymore!

    • Foxsden said

      No, it’ll probably turn into trench foot now.

  2. Jade said

    At least it didn’t turn into a poo with all that pushing going on to hurry it up. Now THAT would’ve been a major problem. Hehehe.

    • Foxsden said

      My running partner is the one who ends up diving in the bushes with runners shits! Makes me laugh.

  3. tavie ledger said

    it’s things like this that i’m positive we’re related and proud of it!

  4. Sarah said

    But is your club kit fluoro yellow with reflective bits? Very hard to pee inconspicuously in a Cosmic top…

    • foxsden said

      Yes, it is. VERY fluro yellow with lots and lots of bright reflective panels all over it. I’m sure I looked like the north star squatting in the trees!

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