Ain’t No Diva Like A Gay Diva

Finally a snippet of news that left me feeling rather pleased for a change. I don’t normally *do* news but I couldn’t help noticing a link flickering away at the side of a page which led me to read a story about how Boy George has been refused suspension of his probation order  so that he can partake in the last Big Brother series. A fact in itself that left me confused because I thought they’d had the last one already – assuming this is the celeb BB?.

Anyway – too bloody right mate. Why should he be allowed to partake? I get a bit fed up with these buggers, especially the celeb buggers who think they’re above everyone else and deserve special treatment. You’re on parole, you’re on parole because you repeatedly cocked up, not least, handcuffed a man to the wall in your house thus imprisoning him.

What justice would it be to allow Georgy Boy to go against parole and continue to make money and raise his profile?

No justice – that’s what. And in a country where there is very rarely justice served to the right people, I for one am quite pleased that someone in an awful wig made the right decision

Boy George – take your silly hat, handcuffs and your ankle device and behave.

It’s for your own good – we don’t really want to hurt you.



  1. mrs hojo said

    yep :o)

  2. Vic said

    You have to thank the person who made that decision – aside from it being totally the right one, they’ve probably saved us all from hours of TV/press boredom!

  3. Foxsden said


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